How To Check Airtel Number in Nigeria in 2022

With the few methods given in this article, you'll be able to check your Airtel NG phone number without stress.

check airtel number

Sometimes we use sim cards these days and we don’t even know the phone number allocated to that particular sim card we’re using. Let me use myself as an example, I had an Airtel sim I’ve been using for over a year and it just took me about a month ago to know my Airtel Number.

While reading this article, I’m sure you’re probably someone like me who wants to know how to check Airtel Number. Well, I’ve given how-to steps below and with that, you can easily check your Airtel NG Number.


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How To Check Airtel NG Number

There are many ways you can check your Airtel NG phone number, and I’ll be listing each method below, and keep in mind that these methods are very easy and won’t take much of your time. So let’s begin.


Method 1: Checking Airtel Number Via USSD

This method is very easy and the only thing you’ll be doing is dialling a USSD code and then using special numbers to get to the desired option you want.

Step 1. Open your phone dialer and dial *121# then hit the send button and wait while it shows you a screen with different options.

Step 2. Once you’ve seen the screen that comes up after dialling *121#, now you need to select Manage My Account by typing 3 as your response number, then hit the send button.

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Options Shown After Dialling *121#

Step 3.  After selecting Manage My Account, you’ll see a list of options on your screen, now you need to select My Number by typing 4 as your response number then hit the send button.

Step 4. After doing the aforementioned steps correctly, you’ll see a screen that’ll show you your Airtel NG number and from there you can easily write it down or use it at that moment.

check airtel number

Method 2: Checking Airtel Number Via Third-Party

This one is the simplest of all and all you need to do is just take your phone and call a friend or a family near you, make sure to use your Airtel line to call them and when the phone rings, you can disconnect the call and then copy the phone number shown on their call log.

Method 3: Checking Airel Number Via App

This method doesn’t really count but you can always try it, and while it requires you to know your Airtel number beforehand, you can always see it as a way to quickly get your Airtel NG number in case you forget it.

Step 1: You’ll need to download the My Airtel app from either Google Play Store or from Apple Play Store, you can download it easily via the app buttons shown below.

My Airtel
My Airtel
Developer: Airtel Africa
Price: Free

‎My Airtel Africa
‎My Airtel Africa
Developer: Airtel Africa
Price: Free
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Step 2: Launch the App after the installation has been completed, then it’ll require you to input your Airtel Number, you can easily carry out Method 2 for this.

check airtel phone number

Step 3: After you had inputted your Airtel Number, they’ll be an OTP code sent, it will verify automatically then it’ll show you a dashboard where you’ll see your account summary and also your phone number.

how to check airtel phone number

Summary On Method 3: As I said above, this step isn’t mandatory but you can always use the My Airtel App to remember your Airtel Phone Number because prior to you logging in, it’ll bring out your phone number as a suggestion on which number you want to use and access the Airtel App.

Final Words

With this little how-to tutorial, I believe you’ll be able to check your Airtel NG Number at any time, to make it easy for you, you can carry out Method 1 and when you get the number, just save it on your device for next time.


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