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Omnivision OV6948

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Global fabless semiconductor corporation developing sophisticated digital imaging, analog, and touch & display technologies for a wide range of applications and industries around the world.

About OMNIVISION – History

For more than two decades since its founding in 1995, OMNIVISION has remained at the forefront of technology, inventing and supplying innovative digital imaging, analog imaging, and touch and display solutions for a wide range of applications in a variety of sectors.

With their award-winning, unique technologies, they have enabled smoother human/machine interaction solutions in the automotive, medical, security and surveillance, computing, mobile phone and emerging technology markets. They are a worldwide semiconductor corporation with no fab.

Whether it’s producing the world’s first mobile handset camera attachment in 2002, introducing the world’s tiniest NTS camera in 2006, or introducing PureCel CMOS image sensors in 2013, their commitment to providing reliable, innovative imaging and sensing technologies has remained their major goal.

Their dedication to excellence is evidenced by their desire to consistently enhance what we do, which is achieved through their devotion to forward-looking values and practices. Their commitment to quality and customer service is ingrained in all of their company processes.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to their company.

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What is Omnivision OV6948 All About

The OVM6948 CameraCubeChip®® from OMNIVISION is a completely packaged, wafer-level camera module measuring 0.65 mm x 0.65 mm and having a z-height of only 1.158 mm, making it suitable for disposable devices that operate from the smallest area of the anatomy.

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It is available in a variety of colors and sizes. A small image sensor, the OV6948, is used to create the camera module. With its dimensions of 0.575 mm x 0.575 mm, the OV6948 holds the Guinness World Record for “The Smallest Commercially Available Image Sensor*,” as well as other accolades.

Integrated into a disposable guidewire, catheter, or endoscope with a diameter of as little as 1.0 mm, this full module can be used to treat patients. Because of the camera’s small size and high 200 x 200, or 40 KPixel backside-illuminated resolution, high quality images can be captured from within the body’s narrowest blood vessels for neuro, ophthalmic, ENT, cardiac, spinal, urology, gynecology, and arthroscopy procedures, among other specialities.

Among ultra-small “chip on tip” cameras, the OVM6948 is the only one that has backside illumination, which gives great image quality and increased low-light performance while also reducing LED heat generation.

Its sensitivity has also been improved. In addition, it provides a compact, high-quality solution for disposable guidewire, catheter, and endoscopes, which are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their ability to reduce cross-contamination risks, downtime inefficiencies, and costs associated with the repairs, preprocedural testing, and sterilization of reusable endoscopes. Because of the sensor’s low power consumption (about 25 mW), less heat is created, resulting in improved patient comfort and more flexibility in operation time.

Other notable characteristics of this camera module include a 120-degree field of view and a focus range of 3 mm to 30 mm, which are both quite broad. In addition, its picture array is capable of recording photos and video at up to 30 frames per second at a resolution of 200 × 200 pixels, and its analog output can transfer data over a distance of 4 meters with low noise.

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OMNIVISION Technologies, Inc. currently holds the Guinness World Record for the “Smallest Commercially Available Image Sensor,” which was established in 2007.

The OV6948 image sensor, which measures 0.575 mm x 0.575 mm x 0.232 mm and is manufactured by OMNIVISION Technologies, Inc., is the smallest commercially available image sensor (USA). Product testing and market research were carried out by Transparency Market Research in Pune, India, on April 10, 2019, to establish this record.

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Features of Omnivision OV6948

  1. Optical size of 1/36″
  2. Non-autoclavable
  3. Analog output
  4. Low power consumption
  5. Single 3.3V power supply
  6. OmniBSI™+ pixel structure using 0.11 µm process

Tech Specs

  • Spec – OVM6948-RALA
  • Package Dimensions – 650 x 650 x 1158 µm
  • Analog / Digital – Analog
  • CFA (Chroma) – RGB Bayer
  • Image Area – 364 x 364 µm
  • Resolution – 200 x 200
  • Package – Black Coating
  • Optical Format – 1/36″
  • Pixel Size – 1.75 µm
  • Frame Rate – Full @ 30 fps
  • Power Requirement – 25 mW (with IO consumption)
  • Operating Temperature – -20°C to +70°C
  • Output Format – Analog
  • Shutter Type – Rolling Shutter
  • Interface – Analog
  • Technology – OmniBSI™+


OMNIVISION is dedicated to the ongoing improvement of product and service quality by meeting and exceeding client expectations in terms of on-time delivery and total value, among other things.


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