PCSX4 Emulator Download for PC (Play PS4 Games on PC)

Here's a detailed article on PCSX4 Emulator and with this emulator you can play any PS4 game on your Windows and Mac PC without any stress or lagging errors.


PCSX4 Emulator Download for PC will bring PS4 console gaming experience to your PC and if you’re a lover or an admirer of PS4 and it games, then it’s very possible you can Play PS4 Games on your Windows and Mac PC.

We’ve seen Android users playing PSP Games on their Android device via PPSSPP Games on PSP emulator, even Android games like Free Fire and PUBG New State all have emulators, and nothing stops PS4 from having it as well.


In today’s article on LegitBrain, I’ll be providing you a link for PCSX4 Emulator Download for Windows and Mac PC. With this emulator, you’ll be able to play any PS4 games on your PC provided that it meets up with the system requirements of the emulator.

This software is a software you’ll love to use on your PC, it’s very powerful and it can handle any PS4 games perfectly on a PC that meets up with the minimum and recommended system requirements.

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About PCSX4 Emulator

PCSX4 Emulator is an experimental open-source software that is perfectly designed to allow Windows Mac PC users to play their favourite PS4 games on their PC without stress. This software is very perfect and it brings in the PS4 console gaming experience on PC, it has plenty of features and there’s absolutely no PS4 games you can play on it despite being experimental.

PCSX4 is quite different from any console emulators you might have come across, and why it seem so perfect is that you can play any games on it and you don’t need to worry about downloading any BIOS files before playing PS4 games. PCSX4 Emulator Download thus require a very good PC before you can be able to play PS4 Games on your PC and the emulator has different features you’ll love so much.

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Features of PCSX4 Emulator Download for PC

PCSX4 Emulator is quite powerful and like i said that it’s very different from any emulator you must have used on your PC, you can check out some of it features below and see why it’s a good choice to download.

Supports All Windows PC

Unlike every other emulators that select Windows versions, it’s quite different with PCSX4 Emulator because even on a Windows 7 PC, this emulator works perfectly provided that the PC meets up with the System Requirements. You can use it on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Windows 10 and even Windows 11.

Controller Works Perfectly

The PCSX4 Emulator has it’s own controller setup and it can work with almost anytype of controllers. You can easily configure a gamepad on this emulator and it’s very easy because it has a section that’ll allow you map controls easily before you start playing a game.

Game Doesn’t Lag

PS4 games are bulky games and if you own a PS4 console, you can easily attest to this. But these bulky games doesn’t affect the performance of PCSX4 Emulator and it works perfectly and all games can play on it without any form of lag. There’s no room for games to lag on this emulator and that is possible on all PC that meets up with the system requirements.

PCSX4 Emulator Download and System Requirements

PCSX4 Emulator Download require’s a very good PC, therefore I’ve decided to leave the system requirements of this emulator below. So make sure to check if your PC meets up with the system requirements before you download it on your PC, it might not run any games even though it installs.

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Minimum System Requirements for PS4 Emulator:

  • CPU: Intel/AMD – 3.6GHz 4 core 4 thread
  • GPU: Nvidia/AMD 4GB DDR5 (eg. GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon R9-290X)
  • RAM: 8GB RAM
  • Storage: HDD
  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 OR macOS 10.11.6 and above
  • Other: .net framework 3.5, VC++2015 & DirectX 9.1

Recomended System Requirements for PS4 Emulator:

  • CPU: Intel/AMD – 4.0GHz 6 core 6 thread
  • GPU: Nvidia/AMD 6GB DDR6 (eg. GeForce GTX 1660 or 1660 Super)
  • RAM: 16GB RAM
  • Storage: SSD
  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 OR macOS 10.11.6 and above
  • Other: .net framework 3.5, VC++2015 & DirectX 11.1

PCSX4 Emulator Download Links

If you want PCSX4 Emulator Downloaded on your PC, then use the download link provided below to get the full emulator package. The installation steps and setting up is quite stressful but there’s an easy way to do it.

How to Setup PCSX4 Emulator to Play PS4 Games on PC

Step 1. The first thing you need to do is download the PCSX4 Emulator and extract the RAR file on your PC, then click on the PCSX4.EXE file and install it on your PC.

PCSX4 Emulator Download

Extract and copy .pdix to the PCSX4 folder.

How to Extract .pdix ?

  • Insert a flash drive into your PC (formatted with fat32) and copy the “pdix-sniffer” file from the PCSX4 folder to the USB flash drive.
  • Insert a flash drive into your front USB port 1 of your PS4/Pro.
  • Make sure that there is no disk in the Blu-ray drive of your PS4/Pro.
  • Close all the Apps and games except the web browser.
  • Open this page: PCSX4.com/extract-pdix in your console web browser.
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After extraction copy .pdix file from your flash drive to directory: pcsx4 > _pdix


Create an PCSX4 account within the emulator by clicking >PCSX4 menu > Manage PCSC4 account > “Register” and then “Log-in” and link your PDIX to the account. For PlayStation 4 emulator


PDIX validator will check the integrity of your .pdix and link it to your account if it turns out to be valid.


Validated .pdix will show up in My account > My devices.


How To Install PS4 Games on PCSX4 Emulator Download

Install game cache from > Emulation > Install game cache from BD-ROM, Select disk drive, cache folder and click on “Install game cache”. This will take a while. Make sure that you have enough free disk space on your PC to save the cache.

Start your game by clicking “Emulation > Open saved cache” and selecting one of your previously saved game Images.

PCSX4 Emulator Download


So that’s all on downloading PCSX4 Emulator, and i hope you find the installation steps straightforward and helpful. Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you’re facing any issues with the PS4 Emulator on your PC.

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