WWE 2K22 ISO PPSSPP Highly Compressed for Android


WWE 2K22 ISO is the latest wrestling game out there and it’s one of the best PSP games out there, while this game is still upcoming on PC and consoles, you can download it right here for Android and thanks to the PPSSPP APK app, you can now download and play WWE 2K22 ISO PSP Highly Compressed on your Android device.

This game is compressed to enable you to download it without spending much internet data and also not having to consume much storage space on your Android device. You can download WWE 2K22 PPSSPP ISO Compressed here on LegitBrain.

Thanks to Mustaf Game 19 who compressed WWE 2K22 into a lite version, you can now download the game on your Android device, the ISO file link and Save Data & Textures are available as well. There’s a lot of features in this WWE and there are plenty of game modes for you to play and never get tired of.

About WWE 2K22 ISO PPSSPP Compressed

WWE 2022 is the 26th game under the WWE Series and while this game is scheduled to be released in 2022 around march, and when it gets released it’ll be made available on Windows, Playstation 4 & 5 and also Xbox One. But the good thing is that Android users can download and play this game on their Android device via the PSP Emulator.


If you’re an Android user using any smartphone like Xiaomi, Samsung or even from the Best Huawei Phones out there, you’ll be able to download and play WWE 2K22 Highly Compressed on your Android device.

WWE 2K22 ISO PPSSPP Features and Game Modes

Quality Graphics

There’s a perfect improvement in the graphics of this new WWE series and the graphics make the game run smoothly across all devices, the wrestlers look very real and also the match entrance scene looks perfect. The spectators and every other character and effect in the game look real and the graphics don’t skip nor gets blurry during gameplay.

Newly Added Entrance Scenes

Before a match starts, one of the short displays you’ll get to enjoy is the entrance scenes display, and there have been updated with the latest superstars favourite entrance scene, so before you begin a match you can be entertained with some of the best and most iconic entrance scenes from the best WWE superstars.

New Skills and New Moves

Moves and match-winning skills from the likes of Brock Lesnar, roman reigns, the Usos, John Cena, CM Punk and so and have all been updated and new wrestlers skills and movies have been added as well. You can now enjoy a series of moves and skills from your favourite wrestlers when you play the WWE game on your Android device.

New Royale Rumble

You’ll get a chance to play the last Royale Rumble that was part of the WWE 2K21 events, the last Royale Rumble happened in January and it has been added as one of the game modes here on WWE 2K22, you can enjoy some of the best head to head matches, tag team matches and other forms of matches that take place in the Royale Rumble.

Story Mode

The story mode is still on and you can play it on this new WWE series, you can build your superstar and start a journey in the WWE world, win different belts and become the best in the hall of fame. You can also use a normal wrestler or you create one. You can upgrade your abilities anytime you want.

Smooth Controls

The controls for this game has been optimized smoothly with the PPSSPP controllers, so when you download and extract all the files, you’ll be able to play the game smoothly because the controls have been configured already and you won’t be needing to set controller mappings anymore.

Hell in A Cell

One of the events in the WWE 2K22 ISO is the Hell in A Cell event, be the best in that 20-foot high roofed cell structure, you can play one on one or you play tag team hell in a cell match. There’s a lot of actions to expect in the Hell in A Cell Events.

WWE 2K22 ISO PPSSPP Highly Compressed Download Links

You can use the download links below to download WWE 2K22 ISO on your Android device and be aware that the files have a password and the password for the files is mustaf game 19


   WWE 2K22 SAve data & textures

How To Extract and Play WWE 2K22 ISO Compressed On Android

  • You’ll need to download both WWE 2K22 files on your Android device and make sure you have either Zarchiver Pro APK or Winrar installed on your Android device.
  • Now Launch the Zarchiver App, and locate where you downloaded the WWE 2K22 Files, now click on WWE 2K22 PSP Lite by MUSTAF, then click on Extract here.


  • It will ask you for the password, therefore the password is mustaf game 19, type it and click on ok.


  • Now you’ll need to extract the second file, click on WWE 2K22 Patch by MUSTAF Game, click on extract here and type mustaf game 19 as the password, then extract.
  • Once done, now launch your PPSSPP Gold APK, then click on Game, you’ll see the WWE 2K22  icon, then you can launch and play it.


I hope you enjoy quality time playing this latest WWE 2K22 ISO on your Android device, don’t forget to leave a comment if you’re facing any issues with setting up the game, and you can also use the video tutorial above to use as a guide on how to set up WWE 2K22 ISO Lite on your Android device.



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