Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers To Buy In Nigeria in 2022

I have handpicked the best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers to buy in Nigeria, if you're looking for a Zealot Speaker to Buy, then this article is for you.

Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers

Zealot gadgets have been one of the most popular gadgets in Nigeria over the years, they have various gadgets like headphones and Earbuds, but what they’re mostly known for is are their wireless speakers.

Zealot speakers are one of the best and most affordable in Nigeria, you can even get a good Zealot speaker for nothing as low as ₦5000 and you’d love it. If you’re probably thinking of getting yourself a Zealot Bluetooth Speaker, here’s an article for you.


I’ve handpicked the best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers you can buy in Nigeria. You can also check out another article I wrote on the Cheapest Bluetooth Speakers In Nigeria. I’m sure you’ll find yourself a nice one to buy.

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List of the Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers To Buy In Nigeria

I’ve used like three Zealot Bluetooth Speakers and I can tell you there’s no better competitor that offers a good Bluetooth Speaker at an affordable rate in Nigeria. So let’s get started as I list a couple of Zealot Speakers that are worth cashing out on.


1. Zealot S8 3D HiFi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers

The Zealot S8 3D HiFi Wireless Speaker is just the perfect speaker you should get yourself if you’re looking for a Bluetooth Speaker that serves as a multifunctional audio device. The Zealot S8 Speaker offers nothing but a standard quality in audio sound and it’s a speaker that’ll give you 360-degree surround sound performance at Hi-Fi level.

Built-in with a 4000 mAh battery, the Zealot S8 can give you up to 24hrs nonstop music playing time and you can as well use it as an emergency power bank to charge your phone. This speaker has 40mm dual speakers and it has a soft touch panel above it. You can get Zealot S8 for nothing less than ₦12,500 on Jumia. It’s one of the best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers out there.

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2. Zealot S16 Bluetooth Speaker

Zealot S16

Zealot Speakers are one of the best and probably the most affordable speakers you’ll get in Nigeria, in terms of sound quality, long-lasting battery and also strong connectivity. But Zealot S16 on the other hand is a speaker I’m currently using and I’ll tell you it’s a speaker that is worth its price.

The Zealot S16 comes with a power bank and also a 4000mAh battery that’ll let you listen to music for hours. It has two-sided bass boosters and strong connectivity. It has a 5.0 Bluetooth connection and it’s also a water-resistant device. You can get this speaker for as low as ₦11,890 on Jumia, it’s one of the Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers to buy in Nigeria.

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3. Zealot S32 Bluetooth Speaker

Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers

Zealot S32 is another Zealot Bluetooth Speaker I so much admire and because it looks very portable while holding it, I’ll consider making a switch from the current one I’m using to getting myself the S32 speaker. This speaker worth its price and it’s just an amazing audio device you shouldn’t ignore.

The Zealot S32 Bluetooth Speaker comes with a 2500mAh battery for an extended playing time, and it also comes with a sound amplifier that’ll give you 2x sound quality on any songs you play, and the speaker has good bass as well. You can get Zealot S32 Bluetooth Speaker for as low as ₦4,950 on Jumia.

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4. Zealot S24 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Zealot S24

The Zealot S24 is a very nice speaker and what makes it nice is because it’s very portable and it also makes it very easy to watch movies while connected to it. This speaker has a phone slot where you can place your phone in landscape mode and watch movies with it. It’s loud and it’s a 5.0 Bluetooth Speaker.

The Zealot S24 comes with a 1800mAh battery and you can only enjoy music playing for a limited time but you can also listen to FM radio and it’s very okay for call making. it’s a noise cancellation microphone, its connectivity range is about 10 metres in proximity. Zealot S24 is one of the best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers you can buy in Nigeria and you can get it for nothing less than ₦4,490

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5. Zealot S9 Bluetooth Speaker

Zealot S9

Zealot S9 Bluetooth Speaker is another awesome product from Zealot and one of the reasons why it seems like I love Zealot is that, they have speakers with a good battery and good sounds and Zealot S9 is just another testimony of their nice Speakers. This speaker is very loud and will give you a standard 360-degree surround sound and its super bass is so powerful.

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The Zealot S9 Speaker comes with a 2400mAh battery and also a 4.0 Bluetooth version and can keep a strong connection within 10 metres. It supports FM radio, you can also use flash drives and TF cards to listen to music with it. This speaker is relatively cheap and you can get it for nothing less than ₦5,350 on Jumia. This is one of the best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers you can buy in Nigeria.

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6. Zealot S22 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers

Zealot S22 is another nice Zealot Bluetooth Speaker out there that is worth buying, this speaker is one of the best Zealot products out there and if you really want a Bluetooth Speaker that’ll serve you well and can be bought at an affordable price, then you should try getting  Zealot S22.

Zealot S22 comes with a 4000mAh battery and it can last you hours when playing songs. Its Bluetooth version is 4.0 and can operate at a 10 metres proximity, it also has a flashlight with enough brightness. You can use your SD card with it and it also supports USB input. You can get this speaker for ₦5,212 on Jumia.

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7. Zealot S7 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

Zealot S7

If you’ll like to enjoy some outdoor outings with friends or family in an area like the beach or somewhere with the natural refreshment of life, then the Zealot S7 Wireless Speaker is what you should have around you, it’s okay for outdoor purposes as well. Speaker is one of the loudest Zealot Speakers out there and it’s quite cheap even though it looks expensive.

It has sensitive touch control and a 4.2 Bluetooth version and it can reach a connection range of 15 metres. This speaker is super huge in terms of battery capacity and its 10,000mAh battery will give you nonstop music playing time. It can serve as a power bank to boost up your devices. It can resist water and one cool feature about the speaker is that it has multiple ways you can connect to it. Zealot S7 Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best Zealot Speakers in Nigeria and you can get it for ₦19,000 to ₦22,500.

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8. Zealot S1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers

I could remember my early days of using a Bluetooth Speaker, the Zealot S1 was the second speaker I used and I fell in love with it at first sight. It did serve me well and because it’s a multifunctional Bluetooth Speaker, I was able to enjoy its work on different occasion. This speaker serves as a power bank, it served as a torchlight and it did give good audio quality.

It has a 4000mAh battery and a 4.0 Bluetooth version. You can listen to music nonstop for at least 5hrs+ and it can charge any device with a battery capacity lower than 4000mAh. It can hold its signal strength to 10 metres. The Zealot S1 is one of the best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers and you can get it for nothing less than ₦5,900 on Jumia.

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9. Zealot S31 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Zealot S31 Speaker

Zealot S31 is one of the speakers that are labelled as lightweight but in terms of quality and durability, you’ll always find them in the spotlight. This speaker is very powerful and it can serve both outdoors and indoor purposes. Zealot S31 is built-in with the latest Bluetooth technology and can connect to any device within seconds. This speaker has two bass hovers and also has a clear speaker that’ll let you make and receive calls clearly. It is also fitted with a 2500MaH battery.

This speaker can give you 10hours of nonstop music playing time, its sound is very clear and it can be used with phones, laptops or even get connected to gaming consoles. Zealot S31 is very affordable and you can get it for as low as ₦6,250 on Jumia. It’s a very powerful speaker and also one of the best from Zealot.


These are my handpicked Zealot Speakers and even though it feels like I’ve not used all, I’m currently using my 3RD Zealot Speaker and I’ll increase the number soon. So these are the best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers you can buy in Nigeria. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment box.



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