7 Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC in 2024 (Free GTA 5 Mods)

GTA V Mod Menu

GTA 5 Mod Menus are software’s that’ll let you apply modifications to GTA V PC, and this mod menu makes the GTA V gameplay look more interesting as they make the impossible almost possible in the Game. Sometimes the GTA V gameplay can be extremely boring once you’ve completed all the levels in the game, but rather than uninstalling the game, you can use these mods to make the game look even more fun to play.

While GTA V is known to receive constant updates online, there is no significant update to be added for those who play the offline section of the game, and since there’s no official release date for GTA VI, now most people just stick to playing GTA V and having fun.


In today’s article here on LegitBrain, I’ll be listing the best GTA V Mod Menu for GTA 5 PC version and I’ll also explain how you can apple these mods on your GTA V. This works best if you had downloaded your GTA V game from SteamUnlocked. Android users can also download GTA 5 Highly Compressed APK + OBB on their device.

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What is GTA 5 Mod Menu?

Mod Menu on GTA 5 are scripts created by modders from the GTA 5 community, and these scripts are meant to make players explore a lot of crazy features and see new characters. With these Mod menus, you can add superheroes to your GTA 5 gameplay, add more vehicles and weapons and a lot more.


GTA 5 Mod Menu makes it possible for new content to be added to the GTA 5 gameplay and this allows players from different places to enjoy playing the game every time even when there’s no new content to be updated by Rockstar.

Is It Safe To Use Mod Menus on GTA 5?

Yes, it is safe to use Mode Menus on GTA V. Using these scripts won’t cause any harm to your gameplay and neither will it conflict with any settings or configuration you’ve had on the game before. You can easily remove any scripts you don’t want to use anymore.

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List Of The Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC

You’ll be getting to know these Mod Menu Scripts and what they do and how you can install them on your PC, they really don’t need installation though and since they’re just scripts, there’s a way you can add them to your game files.

1. Menyoo

GTA V Mod Menu

If you search through the internet for GTA V Mods, you’ll realize that Menyoo seems to be what most people are looking for and of course, it’s the best and most used GTA V Mod Menu. This mod menu can change a lot of things in the GTA 5 gameplay,  if you want to change the textures and make the game graphics look even more realistic, you can use Menyoo Mod Menu for GTA 5 and it will give you exactly what you need.

If you also want to enjoy cool weather and also roam the city in freedom mode, you can use Menyoo to activate God Mode, you can unlock different kinds of weapons and cars and also try out insane stunts via the mods present in this script.

2. Kiddions

Kiddions Mod Menu

Kiddions is another Mod Menu on GTA V and it’s a very powerful and helpful mod that’ll make a lot of things easier for GTA V players, this mod menu can multiply RP and also gives support on daily objectives and as well add more bonus and extending bunker delivery timers and so on. This Mod Menu is arguably one of the best out there and it has a lot of cool features it’s offering. If you want to try out something really crazy in GTA V, then this mod menu is yours.

You can use Kiddions Mod Menu to get different vehicles you want and it also has a teleporting option that’ll allow players to teleport anywhere around the game. You can modify everything in the game and set any new option that suits you better.

3. QF Mod Menu

GTA V Mod Menu

QF Mod Menu is another GTA V Mod Menu and one of the best on the internet, this mod allows players to carry out different options while playing the GTA 5 game, there’s a lot you can do with QF Mod Menu, you can start riots in the city, you can change the traffic mode and you can also activate slow motion.

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QF Mod Menu is very easy to use and it’s one of the few GTA V mods that are straight and safe. You can use it anytime you want and it won’t affect your game, this mod will let you enjoy playing GTA V even more often, there’s a lot to get from the Mod Menu.

4. Kingpin Menu

Kingpin Menu

If you want to enjoy full access to modding on GTA V, then Kingpin Menu is the perfect Mod Menu you need to have on your PC, there’s a lot you can modify with the help of this software and it’s very easy to use. With Kingpin Menu you can change weather, vehicles and even control time, you can teleport from one location to another and if you want to change gender from male to female, you can do it with the Kingpin Menu.

Kingpin Menu also makes it possible for players to change the appearance of their character and you can also get some of the most powerful guns as well, you can upgrade default weapons into something even more powerful, there’s a lot of features to get from this Mod Menu, it’s one of the best out there.

5. Simple Trainer for GTA V

Simple Trainer for GTA V

Simple Trainer for GTA V doesn’t do too much and it’s no different from the other Mod Menu I had listed above, it’s a good one too and you can use it to carry out many customizations and it has cool features like changing of players character, adding speedometer to the game and also letting players activate God Mode and many other options are available.

Simple Trainer is very good and it’s a nice Mod Menu for GTA V, there’s a lot you can do with this script and it’ll add more fun to your playing experience in GTA V.

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6. Firah Menu

Firah Menu

Firah Menu hasn’t been updated in a long time and despite its last time of a stable update, I still find it to be a very good GTA 5 Trainer and it’s very easy to use. This Mod Menu is the best if you’re just new to GTA V Mods and it contains almost all the features you’ll need from a Mod Menu. Firah Menu is very stable to use and it doesn’t harm your gameplay.

With Firah Menu, you can use all the major functions and also use God mode and invisibility, you can also get cash via its cash drop features and the mod will also let you get cars from GTA 5 online vehicle collections. Firah Menu is one of the best out there and you can use it on your GTA 5 PC.

7. Enhanced Native Trainer

Enhanced Native Trainer

The last Mod Menu on the list is Enhanced Native Trainer and this Mod Menu is so far one of the most used and regularly updated GTA 5 Mod Menu after Menyoo Mod Menu. With this Mod Menu you can easily try out different mods on your GTA 5 PC and you’ll enjoy every bit of these mods. It is very easy to set up and it has all the features you’ll need from a Mod Menu Software.

Enhanced Native Trainer has all the necessary and needed mod features, you can active vehicle customization, weapon customization and you can even change the atmosphere and also make certain tweaks to the environment and other visible characters in the game.


These are the Mod Menus for GTA V that are currently working and won’t cause any issues with your GTA gameplay even after you had stopped using them, you can download these Mod Menus online and check how to use them on Youtube.

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