7 Best Online Phone Stores to Buy Phones in Nigeria in 2024

If you want to know the best online phone stores in Nigeria, I'll be listing them out in this article.

online phone stores

Online Phone Stores in Nigeria are alternatives to walking down to phone stores and getting a new phone. If you’d want to reduce the stress of going out to get a new phone, you can always order a phone online and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

For someone like me, I always like to order my phones online and they’ll get delivered to my doorstep and it’ll also save me some energy. While most Nigerians think it’s a bad thing to order phones online because most times they deliver bad phones, I’ll say that’s a wrong mindset and it’s not true.


If you want to know the best online phone stores in Nigeria, I’ll be listing them out in this article, and with these online stores, you can order your phones online and even if you want gadgets like Zealot Bluetooth Speakers and so on, they’ll deliver them right to your doorstep.

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Best Online Phone Stores In Nigeria

I’ve used most of these websites to order phones and other electronics before and they offer more discounts, free delivery and also a longer warranty on phones than going to shops to buy a phone.


1. Pointek Online Store

online phone stores

When it comes to getting the best phones online, or maybe you want to check out a phones price or you want to buy a particular product from a brand. Pointek is your best stop to get that done and they’ll never disappoint you, Pointek is one of the biggest online phone stores in Nigeria where you can buy phones and get same-day delivery on what you bought. They deal with both wholesales and retail sales of different phones in Nigeria.

Pointek phones are good and very affordable and they give good discounts to anyone who buys from them, you can order a phone online using the official pointek website or you can go to their head office in Ikeja, but using their website seems better.

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2. Slot.ng

online phone stores

If there’s any phone store that is very common and can be seen anywhere in Nigeria and also in most places in Lagos, it’s Slot.ng shops and you can easily walk in there to get yourself a phone. But if you don’t have any Slot.ng shops around you, you can easily go to their website and order for your phone and it’ll be delivered to you, they sell some of the most popular phones in the world and they also offer them at a good price.

Slot.ng is one of the best online phone stores in Nigeria where you can buy phones, accessories and they also sell laptops and wearables, they have one of the best customers supports, and you can also buy phones on loan from them and you can buy back monthly.

3. Jumia

online phone stores

Jumia is the biggest online store in Africa and it’s the biggest online store in Nigeria as well, it’s a marketplace where there are more than 1000 sellers selling different kinds of stuff there and one of the things you’ll find people selling on Jumia are phones, gadgets and electronics. On Jumia you can buy any phone you want and it’ll be delivered to you, Jumia phones are always cheap depending on the seller you’re buying from and they always offer free delivery most times.

Buying phones on Jumia is of two ways, you can buy from a local seller who will deliver your phone the next day, and you can also buy from a foreign seller who will deliver your phone in under 2 weeks or just 1 week. Jumia is one of the best online phone stores in Nigeria without a doubt.

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4. Jiji.ng

online phone stores

While Jiji is not generally an online store where you can visit and place your order, but it’s rather a marketplace where different sellers place adverts on their products, and anyone who is interested will visit the website, check for the seller’s info and contact him or her. On Jiji, you’ll find people selling different kinds of phones under New and Used conditions and these phones are always affordable.

On Jiji.ng, buyers meet sellers, so if you want to buy any phone online from the Jiji website, you must have contacted the seller first before reaching out to their shop and sometimes they’ll deliver it to your doorstep, while Jiji is not really a store, it’s still one of the best online phone stores in Nigeria.

5. JustFones

online phone stores

JustFones is one of the best stores to buy phones in Nigeria and I love this website because there’s no popular device you’re looking for that you won’t find here on JustFones. They sell some of the best Android Phones, Apple Phones, Samsung Gadgets and other accessories and they offer these products with discounts, warranty and sometimes free delivery when you buy an item above 100,000 Naira.

JustFones sells quality phones in Nigeria and that makes them one of the best online phone stores in Nigeria, they have good customer service and their delivery rate is good, you can easily visit their website and purchase any phone you want.

6. Konga

online phone stores

When we look at the two biggest e-commerce marketplaces in Nigeria, we see it’s both Jumia and Konga and both websites offers almost the same thing but in a different way. Konga is not as large as Jumia but if you want to buy phones online without going through much stress and getting them delivered to your doorstep, then Konga is a very good online phone store to use.

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On Konga, you can buy any phone you want, they sell the latest smartphones in the Nigerian phone market and they also offer free shipping at times when you order above an amount on their website, Konga is one of the best online phone stores in Nigeria.

7. Amazon

online phone stores

The last online store on the list is one of the most popular in the world, and I’m sure the word Amazon isn’t a new thing to most people. If you want to take your phone shopping experience outside Nigeria, then Amazon is the best place to go because they sell different kinds of phones on the website and it’s also a marketplace like Jumia.

Amazon is one of the best online phone stores but the cons about it is that it doesn’t offer free or cheap shipping like the rest of the Nigerian based websites that I listed and due to the increase in dollar rate, the cost of getting a phone on Amazon might be very high.


I’m sure after you’ve gone through the listed websites, you’ll really find it very easy to buy phones online by using the online phone stores we have in Nigeria. They offer more discounts than when you buy from shops, you can always trust these phone stores to give you the best.

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