September 27, 2023
apps to buy & sell cars

Car business or I’ll say automobile business is one of the fastest growing business in Africa, most especially in Nigeria and these days we see different car dealers having shops and online platforms they sell or buy cars from.

But as an individual who has an old car you want to sell, or you want to buy a new car but you want to avoid stress and also find the best deals online. Well, there are ways you can buy and sell cars fast in Nigeria and you’re reading just the right article to know more.

I’ll be listing out the best Android apps to buy & sell cars fast in Nigeria, with these apps you can be able to sell cars faster, and if you want to buy cars online as well, these apps will help you out on that.

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Best Android Apps To Buy & Sell Cars Fast in Nigeria

1. CarMax


If you’re looking forward to acquiring a new car for your self, maybe it’s a brand new one or a clean used one, then CarMax is the perfect app for you. This app allows you to buy cars directly from the USA and it has different varieties of cars and they all have good discounts on them. You can buy Trucks, Suv and any type of vehicle you want.

This app comes with so many features and you can easily search for any car based on its maker, model, year and also price and features. CarMax is a very good app to buy cars very fast. It’s one of the best Android apps to buy & sell cars fast in Nigeria.

[appbox googleplay com.carmax.carmax]

2. Autochek


Autochek makes life easy for car owners who want to repair, sell or loan out their cars. In this app, you’ll contact Autochek if you want to repair your car and they’ll come around to fix it for you rather than you taking your car to a mechanic. They also make it easier for car buyers and sellers to be able to get their deals done without any hassles.

Autochek is currently available in different countries in Africa and especially in Nigeria they operate in all part of the country and you can buy cars easily through them. They have different car brands and also have cars based on your budget. Autochek is one of the best Android apps to buy & sell cars fast in Nigeria.

[appbox googleplay com.autochek.buysalefixcars]

3. Olist

apps to buy & sell cars

Olist is a very popular app in Nigeria, and it’s known to be a classified ads app that allows people to post adverts on Jobs, Buying and Selling at zero cost. While this app focuses on so many things, one of the best parts about it is that you can also sell cars on Olist, you can buy cars there too and they have some of the latest cars listed on their platform.

On Olist you’ll find different cars listed in Lagos, Abuja and they have different cars like Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Honda, Benz, Nissan and more listed on their app. This app really makes it easy for any Nigerian to buy and sell their cars. This is one of the best Android apps to buy & sell cars fast in Nigeria.

[appbox googleplay com.opera.olist]

4. Jiji Nigeria

apps to buy & sell cars

Jiji is an online marketplace and it’s arguably the biggest in Nigeria and some places in Africa. On the Jiji app, you can place your adverts on different items you want to sell and any interested buyer will send you a message or give you a call. This makes it very easier for car owners who want to sell their cars as well.

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Whether you want to buy or sell a car in Nigeria, Jiji is a great place to do that and you will find different types of cars and juicy prices on Jiji. Regardless of your location in Nigeria, buying and selling cars on Jiji has no barriers. Jiji is one of the best Android apps to buy & sell cars fast in Nigeria.

[appbox googleplay]

Final Words

After reading this article, I’m sure you wouldn’t find it very difficult to sell your used cars in Nigeria, and if you want to buy used cars as well it’s almost the same process. Just download any of these apps and sign-up, find the right pick and make that call. Your car will be sold or be delivered asap.