UFC Undisputed 3 ISO (PSP) PPSSPP Download for Android January 2024

UFC Undisputed 3 ISO

UFC Undisputed 3 ISO PPSSPP is a martial combat game on PSP and it’s one of the best fighting games you can download on Android and play with the PPSSPP Emulator APP. If you’ve been looking for the download link to this game, you’re in the right place to download it.

It’s one of the best games you’d love to play on your Android device, it has a lot of game modes and features, the graphic is cool and the control is very adaptive and also very easy to play.  So let’s get started while I write some information about UFC Undisputed 3 ISO PPSSPP here on LegitBrain.


UFC is an alternative to wrestling and their games are quite different, you can also download the latest WWE 2K22 ISO for PPSSPP on your Android device and enjoy the latest features from WWE 2K latest editions.

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About UFC Undisputed 3 ISO PPSSPP

UFC Undisputed 3 was released back in 2012 and this game tells the story of a free fighter who killed someone when he was aiming to go for a professional fighting opportunity. Now he’s trying to amend what he has done by contracting in different series of fights in other to save the wife of the person he accidentally killed in the ring.


UFC Undisputed 3 ISO

This game feature’s a lot of game modes and the story mode is worth playing, there are a lot of UFC superstars to fight against and there’s a lot of match arena you can select if you want to fight an opponent.

Improvements Made On UFC 3 PSP

If you had played the previous version of this game, you’ll see that it lacked a lot of features and some areas of the game needed some improvements, well if you’re downloading this particular UFC Undisputed 3 ISO PPSSPP on your Android device, here’s a couple of improvements you’ll observe in the game.

  • Improved Controls – The controls are one of the major factors hindering the 100% perfection of the game, but after a series of complaints from fans, they’ve officially rectified the lagging and malfunctioning controls in the game.
  • New Arenas – Perhaps you might have been bored of the same arenas you play in the old version of this game, well the new edition has been updated with more than 3 new arenas and you can select these arenas in the exhibition matches and even during training.
  • Gameplay Improvements – Cage Walls look more realistic and even the audience has been made to look more real, commentary sounds are perfect and now there’s skipping during match scenes.
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UFC 3 ISO PPSSPP Features & Game Modes

One of the reasons why UFC Undisputed 3 is one of the best fighting games to play is because of the features and the game mode it has, you can check out some of the features you’ll find in this game.

Pride Mode

The Pride Mode is a new mode in UFC and this mode is completely different from any game modes you’ve seen before on UFC. This game mode lets you host different fighters and there are different rules applied to this mode. You can play in 2 Rounds and both rounds feature 10 and 15 minutes, while Head Kicks and Knees are allowed to be used on a grounded opponent, Elbow strikes to the head are now allowed to a grounded opponent.

Tournament Mode

The Tournament Mode is one of the most exciting modes to play on UFC Undisputed and in this mode, players will explore over 16-player individual and team tournaments within one system and this mode works well for players who’re using created fighters and those using UFC fighters. You’ll experience unique gameplay styles, simulation play and so on.

Title Mode

In the Title Mode, A player will have to go through one of UFC’s five official weight classes to earn and defend the championship belt. You’ll fight different UFC fighters and the more wins you get, the higher your rank into becoming one of the best and also claim the belt from the last man standing.

UFC 3 Undisputed ISO (PSP) PPSSPP Download Links

The download links for this game are placed below, you can download them easily and the installation steps are written below as well. So now let’s get started with the download links for UFC 3 Undisputed ISO for PSP on PPSSPP Emulator for Android.

How To Install and Play UFC 3 Undisputed PSP on Android

  • You’ll need to download the ISO file via the download link provided above
  • After downloading it, you can extract the file with the Zarchiver app or use the Winrar app to extract the file
  • Open your PPSSPP app and go to where you normally see your games, you’ll find the UFC Game there. Launch it and begin to play.
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UFC Undisputed 3 ISO


I hope you enjoy playing UFC 3 Undisputed ISO on your Android device via the PSP emulator app, don’t forget to leave a comment if you’re facing any errors when playing or installing this game on your Android device.

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