10 Best Bike Racing Games for PC (PC Motorcycle Racing Games)

Best Bike Racing Games

Best Bike Racing Games are a compilation of some of the bike racing games that have been around for a long time and also the recently developed bike racing games. As we all know that Racing Games are always fun to play and are quite addictive, and while we have Car Racing Games that deals with vehicles alone, there are Bike Racing Games too which are only motorcycles alone as well.

Today’s article on LegitBrain is all about Racing Games but for Motorcycles alone, and I’ll be listing some of the Best Bike Racing Games for PC. If you’d like to play other PC games, you can check out some games from our Highly Compressed PC Games.


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List of the Best Bike Racing Games for PC

These games are a mixture of both old and new games, and while motorcycle racing games aren’t that common compared to car racing games, I could only come up with a couple of games under bike racing and some of the games are legendary, especially the first one on the list.

1. Road Rash

Best Bike Racing Games


Anytime I think of a motorcycle racing game, Road Rash always come to my mind and it’s a game I last played since my early days in the 2000s. This game was pretty much addictive and it’s a game I could spend hours playing and never get tired of it. Road Rash is an old Bike Racing Game on PC and it has different parts, there’s Road Rash (1991) Road Rash II (1992) Road Rash (1994) and Road Rash 3 (1995) and they’re all a joy to play.

Road Rash is a racing game on PC and other consoles, it’s a game where you can play as a single-player and also Mano-a-Mano Game Mode which requires an internet connection. There are over 5 different racing tracks and you can play 3 different game modes. Trash mode, Big Game Mode and Mano-a-Mano Game Mode. Road Rash is fun to play and it’s one of the coolest Bike Racing Games ever.

2. Road Redemption

Best Bike Racing Games

Road Redemption is another motorbike racing game that was developed in 2014 and this game is known to be a successor to Road Rash because they have a similar concept and it was developed to replicate the hardcore arcade racing mode in Road Rash games. Road Redemption offers more realistic racing gameplay and it has more advanced graphics compared to its predecessor and there’s a lot of game modes to play in the game.

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Road Redemption is a motorcycle racing game where you’ll have to play as a paroled felon who was sent to prison 8 years ago and on his return from prison, he joined an old motorcycle club and he has to work his ways to the top by racing against the bad guys and winning each race. Road Redemption is a very nice game and it’s a bike racing game you’ll enjoy playing on your PC.

3. Pure (video game)

Pure (video game)

Pure is an off-road racing game on PC and it’s a game that features quad-bike trick-racing and this game is one of the best racing games you can play on your PC, it has a lot of game modes and it features different racing tracks in different locations. There are over 30 different motorbikes in this game and you can race with some of the best motorbikes. You can play single-player and multiplayer mode on Pure (Video Game) and both modes offer an intense racing battle against other opponents

You can play three different race types on Pure and these race types are as follows. Race: Standard races over 3 laps. The tracks have plenty of turns and vertigo-inducing jumps. Freestyle: Perform and combo as many tricks as possible before running out of gas. In the end, the player with the highest score wins. Sprint: Short races over 5 laps.

4. MXGP The Official Motocross

MXGP The Official Motocross

MXGP The Official Motocross is another racing game on PC and it’s one of the best Bike Racing Games with realistic gameplay and it features almost all the riders and bikes from MX1 and MX2 and it has great sounds and graphics. This game is not difficult to master and its controls are quite easy as well. MXGP The Official Motocross has different game modes and each race takes place in tracks with dirt all over.

This is a bike racing game you can download and play on your PC, there are different stunt bikes in the game and you can unlock different types of bikes and make different upgrades as well. The Career Mode on MXGP is quite intense and you’ll need to win a lot of races if you want to stand a chance of reaching higher ranks.

5. MotoGP 15

MotoGP 15

MotoGP 15 is another motorcycle racing game you’ll love to play on your PC and it’s a racing game that features a lot of racing tracks and different riders from Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP. In this game, you can race in weather conditions like wind and wet weather systems. There’s a lot of features in MotoGP 15 and it’s a bike racing game with good graphics and good audio quality.

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There are over 7 different game modes to play in MotoGP 15 and you can never get bored when playing this game on your PC, MotoGP 15 features different game modes like Single-Player Modes, MotoGP career, Beat The Time, Time Attack and many other game modes.

6. Motocross Madness 2

Motocross Madness 2

Motocross Madness 2 isn’t bad to be considered a good bike racing game due to its low graphics quality, but I see it as a motorcycle racing game that is very addictive and because it also features online gameplay that’ll see you race against fellow players online, and that can make the gameplay become intense and also fun to play. In this game, you can make different upgrades on your motorbikes and there’s plenty of game modes to play.

There are 6 different game modes in Motocross Madness 2, you can play any of the game modes and some of the modes on this game are Stunts, Enduro, Baja, Supercross and Nationals, and the campaign-style Pro-Circuit Mode.

7. Ride 4

Best Bike Racing Games

Ride 4 is the latest instalment from the Ride Racing Game Series and this game has been said to be the very best of the rest and because it offers more advanced gameplay and improvement in graphics, this game can’t be overlooked because of its features and game modes. You can play Ride 4 online and offline and it’s a combination of Single-Player and Multiplayer gameplay.

Ride 4 has a lot of tracks compared to its previous editions and there are over 200+ motorbikes in this game and most of these bikes are from 22 official manufacturers. In Ride 4 you can race in over 34 different tracks and there are a few game modes available in the game as well, Ride 4 is one of the best Bike Racing Games on PC.

8. Valentino Rossi: The Game

Valentino Rossi The Game

Valentino Rossi: The Game is a MotoGP based game and so far it’s arguably the biggest ever MotoGP Game ever to be created and this game sets the standard for a bike racing game, there’s a lot of features in the game and it has more than 7 different game modes you can play. Valentino Rossi: The Game has cool graphics and the controls are very easy to adapt to. Valentino Rossi: The Game features more than 47 tracks to race on and more than 200 different riders.

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The game modes on Valentino Rossi: The Game is MotoGP™ Grand Prix Mode. MotoGP™ World Championship. Time Attack.  Split Screen MotoGP™ ( this will allow you to play multiplayer mode online or offline). Flat Track. Rally Single Stage. R1M Race. Flat Track Americana.

9. Moto Racer 4

Best Bike Racing Games

Moto Racer 4 is a bike racing game you’ll enjoy playing on PC and it’s quite an addictive game, this game features both single and multiplayer game modes and the online multiplayer mode will allow more than 2-10 players to race against each other. In Moto Racer 4, you can customize your motorbikes and also customize your rider, the game offers realistic gameplay and every rider have different personalities and riding styles.

There are seven game modes in Moto Racer 4: King of the Hill, Last Man Standing, Survival, Catch-Up, Wolf Pack, Ghost Bike, and Golden Helmet. There’s a lot of changes in Moto Racer 4 compared to its older versions, there’s traffic on the road and there’s a possibility of colliding with opponents. Moto Racer 4 is one of the best Bike Racing Games on PC.

10. Trials Rising

Best Bike Racing Games

Trials Rising is another motorcycle racing game and it’s a racing game that offers the best single-player and multiplayer racing experience. There’s a lot of features in this game and it’s so far one of the few Bike Racing Game that features more than 50 different racing tracks and there’s a lot of game modes to play and explore on Trials Rising. The graphics quality in the game is good and it has good sound quality as well.
Trials Rising is one of the best Bike Racing Games on PC and it’s quite addictive, you can play it offline and if you want to play the online version as well, you can do that via the multiplayer section. There are different bikes you can unlock and there’s room for customization as well.


These are the Best Bike Racing Games for PC and these games don’t need high system requirements before you can download and play them on your PC, they’re very addictive and there’s a lot of game modes you can play in each game.

I’ll be adding more bike racing games over time, don’t forget to bookmark this page and also don’t forget to share this article with friends and also leave a comment if there’s a suggestion you’d want me to add.


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