7 Best Websites To Download Windows Software in 2021

Websites To Download Windows Software

To Download Windows Software at times can be a very difficult thing to do if you don’t have a legit source to get them. And we’ve seen how downloading wrong and malicious software can be harmful to one’s computer.

I personally have websites I download windows software from and these websites provides the best and latest up to date software, and you can even download any windows software. From Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and even the newly released Windows 11.


If you’re looking for websites to Download Windows Software on your PC, be It new or old ones, this is the right blog to get that information from. In today’s article, I’ll be listing a couple of websites where I download almost all the software I need for my Windows PC.

These websites are the best out there, even if you love streaming live sports online, there are different websites to stream live sports as well but our focus won’t be placed there for today’s topic. Now let’s get to know the best websites to download these Windows Software

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Best Websites To Download Windows Software

There are ton’s of websites to get windows software from but I’ll only list the one’s I’ve been using and some of the new ones I just came across. With these websites around, you don’t have to worry about buying software’s or even finding one difficult to get.

1. FileHippo

FileHippo is a very old website and it’s been one of the legendary websites out there where you can download windows software easily, this website offers all kinds of windows software and you can get anyone you want without stress. From the different categories of software’s out there, you can download Browsers, Antivirus, Utility Tools and so much more on FileHippo.

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FileHippo has a friendly user interface and it makes it very easy for people to come and download software’s from their website. You can trust this website as one of the few places where you can download all the windows software you need without any hassle.

2. UpToDown

Download Windows Software

Uptodown is known to be an app store for Android users and it is regarded as one of the best Google Play Store Alternatives, but while it acts as an app store for Android apps and games, the website also stands as a hub for downloading windows software and it has finished yet because you can also download macOS software’s from the website as well.

On Uptodown, you can download windows software like Browsers, Utility Tools and so much more. One good thing is that they provide all these software’s for free and they also make sure the software’s are clean from malware. You can always visit Uptodown to download windows software and you’ll always get the best from them at all times.

3. Softonic

Download Windows Software

Softonic is on par with the likes of FileHippo and co. I could remember the early stages of my career as an internet user, those days when Softonic has an installer for any software and wouldn’t allow you to download a software directly without the Softonic installer. But a lot has changed since then and now it’s one of the best websites to download windows software with ease, they have all you want to download.

Softonic also allows users to download Android apps and games, and it also has a blog page where you can read the latest tech news and also get useful tips from them. On Softonic, you can download any windows software you need and they provide all the software’s for free and no need to pay.

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4. Download Crew

Download Windows Software

Download Crew is a very different website entirely and if you just visited this website for the very first time, you might want to make it your favourite website to download windows software. Does Download Crew focus only on Windows Software? Well, that’s a No and they focus on almost all operating systems out there. You can download Windows, Linux, Mac and even Android and iOS apps and softwares for free.

This website has all you need and it provides them for free, you can also read the latest news and information on this website. They also sell softwares with a license key and they sell them at a discounted rate. Download Crew is an amazing website and it’s one of the best you’ll see out there when it comes to downloading windows software’s online.

5. MajorGeeks

Download Windows Software

MajorGeeks is an amazing website and has been around for a very long time, it’s one of the few software downloading websites that is very easy to navigate and it’s so much friendly to its users because the website loads very fast and it’s very easy to download on it. On this website, you can download any windows software you want for free and it doesn’t even issue delays when downloading. MajorGeeks is purely for windows softwares.

This website also has a How-To section where you can read about the latest tips for Windows, Android and you can also find solutions to different problems on this website. MajorGeeks is one of the best out there and you can get good windows software from them.

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6. Softpedia

Softpedia is regarded as one of the few websites that have over a million software and apps in its database for downloading. This website is very old just like FileHippo and co, at first they offer downloading of windows software’s and also drivers but now they offer more than that. Now you can download Windows and Mac Software’s and they also offer users the downloading of Android apps for free. This website is very reliable and it’s been doing that for a very long time.

One interesting fact about Softpedia is that you can always get the latest drivers from them and they have drivers for all PC and also they make it easy for people to download Windows software. You can also visit Softpedia for your latest windows software.

7. Ninite

Download Windows Software

Ninite is a very different type of website, and I’ll say it should be best used when you want to download more than one windows software on your PC. The website is very good but it doesn’t allow you to download softwares directly and the only way to get your softwares is when you download the Ninite installer and it’ll begin to download and install the windows software you need.

Ninite is very okay to use when it comes to downloading Windows Software. The website makes downloading of windows software very easy, you can a lot of software’s there under different categories. The website is user friendly and it’s very fast and accessible.

Final Words

These are my best picks for websites to download Windows software. and as I’ve said before that there are large numbers of these websites online, but these are my personal best and they can be yours too.


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