Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas 2022

best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas

Check out the Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas 2022. 

For your television to receive channels broadcast by stations in your region, you’ll need an antenna, which will pick up the broadcast signals and transform them into audio and visual signals that will display what you’re watching on your television.


People who live in suburban regions typically have fewer problems with signal strength and picture quality, as opposed to those who live in rural locations, where the topography may or may not be conducive to good signal reception.

Fortunately, by investing in a TV antenna that provides long-range signal reception, you will be able to continue to enjoy all of your favorite shows in outstanding picture quality.

It’s also less expensive than subscribing for a subscription because you only have to pay a one-time charge and you’ll get access to all of the channels.


When it comes to cord cutting, the finest long-range TV antenna that can capture over-the-air channels in rural locations is essential. In this article, we’ll look at 15 options to let you watch your favorite shows while cutting the cord.

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What to Look for in an Outdoor TV Antenna

In order to go out and acquire an outdoor antenna for your television, there are a few things you need do and/or take into consideration first.

Signals that are currently available

Be sure to check the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website for signals that are available at the address, city, zip code, and location that you are currently in before purchasing an antenna for your home.

The FCC’s DTV Reception Maps tool will assist you in this endeavor because it provides information such as the location and orientation of a tower, which you may use to determine which antenna is the most appropriate for your requirements.

For example, if you’re 100 miles away from a broadcast tower, you’ll want to choose an antenna that can capture signals from a range that is similar to or even greater than that distance from the broadcast tower.

A free channel can also be obtained by utilizing an outside TV antenna if you reside a long distance away from the broadcast tower. An outdoor TV antenna can receive signals from as far as 150 miles away.

Access to Channels

As a result, you’ll likely be able to access fewer channels than you would in a suburban setting. You may want to research the channels you’ll be able to access based on your distance from the broadcast tower, the type of residence you live in, and the height at which you’d like to install the TV antenna before making your decision.


With an external TV antenna, energy is derived from the antenna gain, which has an impact on reception quality.

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Consider this since some businesses advertise the “power” of their antennas even though antennas do not create any power on their own when they are used in conjunction with other devices.


When you go online and enter your information, a computer will provide an estimate of the number of channels you can watch. This will help you choose which type of outdoor antenna you need.


If you wish to be able to access numerous channels, you will need an antenna that is capable of operating at both UHF and VHF frequencies.

We do not recommend using an antenna with a single frequency range because it is very limited.


For those who live in rural locations, this is likely the most important factor to consider because it influences the quality of your viewing experience.

Look for an installation in the attic or on the roof, as well as an antenna that can pierce the roofing materials.

For example, if your roof is made of metal, your antenna will not be able to penetrate it, and you will be forced to put up your antenna outdoors.


Consider a multi-directional antenna, which will receive signals from multiple directions at the same time, as opposed to a directional antenna, which only receives signals from a single direction.

Height and interference

When opposed to rural locations, antenna height and interference are more of a concern in urban areas due to the abundance of tall structures in the vicinity; yet, height is beneficial for reception quality.

Hills and trees, as well as electronic interference from household appliances, can all contribute to interference in rural regions, so keep this in mind when deciding where to locate the antenna.

We’ve compiled a list of the best outdoor TV antennas you can buy that can be used in rural regions, in no particular order.

1. Winegard HD8200U Platinum TV Antenna

Thanks to the exclusive TwinAmp technology, this outdoor TV antenna has a reception range of more than 65 miles and provides exceptional performance and signal quality. It is also quite affordable.

When compared to other amplified antennas, this one amplifies the UHF and VHF frequencies separately, resulting in less noise.

It also comes with an in-line signal amplifier, which requires electricity to operate, so be sure there is a wall outlet or power strip available between the antenna and your television before you purchase the device.

There’s also a low-noise preamp built in to clean up incoming signals that are less than optimal due to interference from nearby cell towers, as well as a LET filter to battle cell tower interference.

Its steel hardware has been zinc-plated to ensure optimum corrosion resistance, and the flexible polyethylene boot keeps it protected from the elements.

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There are up to 73 different channels available to you with this tiny and lightweight outdoor antenna that is simple to set up and place. Furthermore, if you have a splitter, you will be able to connect numerous TVs at the same time because this antenna is capable of doing so.

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2. Channel Master CM-4228 TV Antenna

When directed in the direction of the transmitting station, this antenna may receive free television signals from numerous networks with a reception range of up to 80 miles and 180 degrees.

It comes pre-assembled for simple and quick installation on a wall, roof, chimney, attic, or any other suitable surface. Because it is a multi-directional antenna, it can pick up signals from anywhere within the specified range.

Thanks to its 12dB antenna boost, the CM-4228 will bring many free channels into your house in crystal clear, uncompressed High Definition (HD) quality.

Its reception is powerful enough to pick up stronger signals in the immediate vicinity of the device.
Some customers have observed exceptional reception in mountainous areas, according to their reports.

A signal booster may be required if your transmitting station is placed at a location where the signal is not receiving enough strength to be received clearly.

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3. Bowtie HDTV Outdoor Antenna

Installation of this antenna is possible both indoors and outdoors, and it is available in a variety of range options, including a 70-mile range.

It is the most powerful antenna in the Bowtie family of antennas, and it features a bowtie design that allows you to get most local stations in the area for no additional cost.

In addition to the DB8e antenna, you will receive instructions for mounting the antenna inside or outside your home, as well as mounting gear for convenience, and a multi-purpose arrangement for simple and flexible installation and setup.

Because of its unrivaled 17.4dBi gain, it is unquestionably the most powerful antenna available on the market.

Apart from that, its proprietary technology allows it to pick up and receive signals from as far away as 70 miles away. This is made possible by specially constructed mounts that allow the panels to target towers in a variety of directions.

This antenna is ideal in situations where incoming signals are reduced by roofing materials or when there is a lot of greenery in the surrounding region.

Aside from that, the reflector assists in concentrating the antenna’s output for increased range while also protecting against multipath interference.

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4. Xtreme Signal Long Range Yagi Style TV Antenna

This is yet another outdoor TV antenna that has a reception range of 70 miles for UHF channels and 25 miles for VHF channels, and it is not impacted by shade or trees like the previous model.

It provides excellent sound and visual quality, despite the fact that it intercepts fewer channels than similar antennas in the same price range. It’s your go-to TV antenna if you merely want a few channels and nothing more.

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Although the high-gain design of the long-range HDB91X antenna allows it to pick up the majority of free HD channels from your area regardless of where you set it, it still provides excellent reception, especially when pointed towards the tower.

Additionally, it includes a powerful rear reflector that will eliminate any potential interferences, ensuring that you receive a strong signal overall.

It does not come with a rotor, though, so once you have mounted and pointed the antenna in the desired direction, you are ready to go.

During the first six months of ownership, the antenna is covered under guarantee.

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5. RCA Yagi Outdoor TV Antenna

This antenna has a traditional style and is compatible with Xbox and Apple TV, allowing you to view live television on your devices in addition to your regular TV channels.

If you have normal digital television, this antenna can support broadcasts up to 1080i HDTV resolution, ensuring that you receive only the greatest sound and image quality.

Cross-phase antenna capable of receiving UHF and VHF channels up to a distance of 70 miles from broadcast towers, however the reception quality is dependent on factors such as the overall distance between the towers, broadcast strength, and topography.

It is lightweight and durable, making it particularly suitable for use in harsh weather situations. It can even withstand strong rain or storms, albeit the signal may not remain unaffected in such circumstances.

To set it up, first determine the best location for it to be placed before connecting the main coax line to your television and scanning for accessible channels.

The coax cable, on the other hand, must be purchased separately, but this is a small drawback considering that it also includes a 75-ohm transformer, a mast, and a locking mast clamp.

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6. 1byone Amplified Outdoor TV Antenna

This outdoor TV antenna is optimized for 1080p digital reception, allowing you to receive all of your favorite channels for free and in crystal clear picture quality.

To make installation easier, it comes with a j-shaped mounting pole and a built-in high gain, low noise amplifier that provides amazing long-distance reception of up to 150 miles.

In addition to picking up local UHF and VHF HD and standard definition channels due to its superior construction, this antenna can survive harsh weather conditions and is capable of receiving high definition feeds.

It doesn’t matter if the weather is poor outside or if you live in a thickly forested location; you won’t have to be concerned about signal and picture quality because it ensures that you’ll get high-quality audio and video because it supports full HD.

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