Farm Simulator 22 – FS22 Potato Harvester Review

Farm Simulator 22 - FS22 Potato Harvester Review

Farm Simulator 22 is a farming simulator video game developed by Giants Software and published by Focus Home Interactive. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on November 22, 2021. The game is an updated version of Farm Simulator 19, with new features such as new crops, vehicles, and activities.

In Farm Simulator 22, players take on the role of a modern farmer, managing their farm growing crops and raising livestock. The game features a large open world that players can explore, and a variety of different activities to complete. Players can choose to focus on growing crops, raising livestock, or a combination of both.



  • Hilarious races with giant potato harvesters
  • Made by players, super creative and unique.
  • Tons of laughs with friends, perfect party game
  • Easy to join, no fancy stuff needed.
  • Exciting, that makes the game enjoyable


  • Not built for racing, so expect glitches and wobbly physics.
  • Fun for quick laughs, but not a deep, lasting experience.
  • Best with friends can be lonely solo.
  • Frame rate dips can slow down the speedy action.
  • If you crave serious racing or deep farming, this ain’t your field.

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Different Activities on Farm Simulator 22

  • Cultivating Crops:

Planting and Harvest: Grow a diverse selection of crops like wheat, corn, potatoes, sugarcane, cotton, and soybeans. Use specialized equipment like plows, seeders, and fertilizers for efficient farming.

  • Raising Livestock:

Animal Husbandry: Care for various animals like cows, pigs, sheep, horses, and chickens. Provide them with food, water, and shelter, and sell their products (milk, eggs, wool, meat) for profit.

  • Forestry:
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Logging and Lumbering: Cut down trees, sell the lumber, and utilize forestry equipment to create wood chips for fuel or mulch.

  • Transportation:

Trucks, Trailers, and Trains: Haul goods around the map using various vehicles. Deliver crops and livestock to markets, expanding your reach.

  • Contract Work:

Earn Extra Income: Take on contracts from other farmers for additional income, helping them with specific tasks and expanding your farm’s reach.

  • Production and Processing:

Value-Added Products: Transform your crops and livestock into sellable goods like flour, sugar, biofuel, cheese, and sausages, increasing your profit margins.

  • Relaxing Activities:

Horseback Riding: Explore the scenic landscapes on horseback, offering a break from farm work and enjoying the beauty of your virtual world.

Competition & Challenges in Farm Simulator 22:

Single Player:

  • Time Trials: Race against the clock on individual courses to set personal bests and improve your skills.
  • Freestyle: Explore and experiment with the physics and courses, honing your control and discovering hidden tricks.


  • Head-to-Head Races: Challenge friends to thrilling races, testing your reflexes and strategic maneuvering.
  • Teamwork Races: Collaborate with friends, utilizing each harvester’s strengths and devising strategies to win.
  • Elimination Races: Add excitement by eliminating the slowest harvester each lap, creating a tense and dynamic race.

Creative Scenarios & Customization in Farm Simulator 22:

  • Stunt Showdowns: Build custom stunt courses filled with ramps, jumps, and obstacles, showcasing your mastery and pulling off impressive tricks.
  • Potato Launching: Modify your harvester for maximum potato-flinging, competing with friends to see who can launch them the farthest.
  • Obstacle Courses: Design or download challenging tracks with unique obstacles like hay bales, water hazards, and tight corners, pushing your driving skills to the limit.
  • Themed Races: Get creative with seasonal or holiday themes, racing through Halloween decorations, pumpkin patches, or festive landscapes.
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Community Engagement & Collaboration for Farm Simulator 22:

  • Share & Explore: Share your custom courses online for others to enjoy and download countless community-made tracks, expanding your racing horizons.
  • Multiplayer Events: Participate in organized races and competitions hosted by online communities, testing your skills against a wider audience.
  • Collaborative Projects: Team up with other players to build massive and intricate race tracks, combining your creativity and problem-solving skills.

Positives about Farm Simulator 22

  • Humor Takes the Wheel:

Let’s face it, watching massive potato harvesters careening around a farm at breakneck speeds is inherently funny. Witnessing your friends (or unsuspecting AI helpers) get launched off ramps, entangled in pipes, or send potatoes soaring into the stratosphere is a guaranteed recipe for laughter. It’s like a bizarre agricultural demolition derby, and the physics glitches only add to the comedic charm

  • A Flourishing Community Garden:

The beauty lies not just in the wacky concept, but in the community’s creativity. Players design and share their courses, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Imagine obstacle courses adorned with hay bales and water jumps, or “Mario Kart”-inspired tracks complete with boost pads and power-ups. This constant evolution keeps the experience fresh and engaging, ensuring you’ll never race the same track twice.


  • Accessibility for All Farmers:

Unlike many community-driven experiences, you don’t need fancy DLC or mods to join the fun. Anyone with FS22 and a bit of ingenuity can participate. It’s a fantastic way to laugh with friends who own the game, even if they’re not hardcore farming enthusiasts.

Negatives About Farm Simulator 22

  • Technical Limitations:
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It’s important to remember that FS22 wasn’t built for high-speed racing. Physics can be wonky, collisions often lead to comical glitches, and frame rates can dip during intense multiplayer sessions. Embrace the jank and focus on the fun, but don’t expect a polished racing experience.

  • Limited Depth:

While the core concept is undeniably fun, it can become repetitive after a while. There are no structured objectives, progression systems, or leaderboards to keep you engaged in the long run. If you’re looking for a deep and immersive experience, this might not be your cup of tea (or should we say, potato juice?).

  • Multiplayer Reliance:

The true enjoyment comes from playing with others. Solo play can be fun for tinkering and experimentation, but the chaotic energy, unpredictable moments, and shared laughter truly shine in multiplayer. If you don’t have friends who own FS22, or if online multiplayer isn’t your thing, you might find the experience lacking.


Farm Simulator 22 is a solid farming simulator with plenty to offer casual and hardcore players alike. While it has its limitations, the vast world, diverse activities, engaging multiplayer, and the unexpected joy of “potato harvester racing” make it a worthwhile experience for anyone seeking a relaxing and rewarding virtual farming adventure. Therefore, dust off your overalls, fire up your tractor and get ready to cultivate a harvest of fun (and maybe a few weeds) in Farm Simulator 22.


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