10 Best PPSSPP Horror Games (PSP Horror Games in 2022)

PPSSPP Horror Games

PPSSPP Horror Games are a compilation of some of the Scary PSP Games that you can download and play on your Android device or your PSP device. These games are so scary that if you don’t have the strong mind to play them, you might be afraid to sleep alone at night.

In today’s article on LegitBrain, I’ll be listing some of the Best PPSSPP Horror Games that you can download and play on your Android device with your PSP emulator, and maybe your mind isn’t strong enough for a Horror PSP Game, how about you download from the Best PPSSPP Racing Games or even Best PSP Action Games.

On PSP, you’ll find different categories of games that you can play, and while people are addicted to football games, action games and even adventure games. Some people prefer games that looks terrifying and these type of games are the PSP Horror Games, and you’ll find the best of them listed in this article.

List of the Best PPSSPP Horror Games To Download

These horror games on PSP are randomly selected and I’ve made sure to provide their download links so that you can find them easy to get, and the installation process for these games are written below. So download any of the PSP Horror Games below and begin to play.

1. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

PPSSPP Horror Games

My first pick on the list is Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and I’m sure most gamers would have played or heard about Resident Evil. Well this particular one on PSP is arguably one of the Best PPSSPP Horror Games and it’s a game where you have to survive different horror attacks while playing as the protagonist, Jill Valentine, this game is really intense and it’s the perfect definition of scary game.

In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, there are three different game modes which are Assisted, Standard, and Hardcore. And you have to be a professional before you can play Hardcore, these zombies are quite brutal and you have to be ready to dodge attacks and kill them fast, the download link to this game is below.

2. Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

Corpse Party Book of Shadows

The plot for Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is pretty interesting and if you love playing Japanese games, this game is the perfect one for you and being a Horror Game makes it the real deal. Corpse Party is another survival game on PSP and this game tells the story of some high school students who were celebrating their festival before a sudden earthquake transports them to Heavenly Host Elementary School.

It’s a combination of Horror/Adventure game and there are plenty of episodes available in the game for you to play. There are over 20 different missions that you can play in this game, it is very intense and the game has good graphics and the controls are very easy to learn. You can download  Corpse Party: Book of Shadows via the download button below.

3. Death Jr.

Death Jr. ISO

In Death Jr., You’ll be playing as the teenage son of the grim reaper and your role is to battle out demons that are around your school and the city capital. Death Jr. is one of the Best PPSSPP Horror Games you can download on your Android device and in this game there are plenty of weapons you can use to kill demons and also different features.

Death Jr. is quite addictive and also very scary, it’s a scary PSP game and there are plenty of missions to play. The game graphic is good and the controls are very easy to learn, you can download Death Jr. via the download link provided below.

4. MediEvil: Resurrection

MediEvil Resurrection ISO

If you love playing hack and slash games on your PPSSPP on Android, then you should download MediEvil: Resurrection right now. This game has a very good plot and there are plenty of walking dead to watch out for, you can play as a single-player and the game also supports multiplayer. It’s a very nice Horror Game on PSP and it’s one of the best out there.

The real fun in this game is multiplayer and in multiplayer mode, you and two different players can play in different game modes such as The Graveyard, Cemetery Hill, Scarecrow Fields, Pumpkin Gorge, Inside the Asylum, Pools of the Ancient Dead, Haunted Ruins, Ghost Ship. It’s the perfect Horror PSP Game to download and play.

5. The Silent Hill: Origins

The Silent Hill - Origins

The Silent Hill: Origins is another horror game on PSP and it’s one of the most difficult horror games you could ever play, this game is quite scary and it is filled with intense zombies and monsters. in The Silent Hill: Origins, you’ll guide Travis Grady as he searches for monsters to kill in the town of Silent Hill and this won’t be easy because it’s all happening in the dark.
There are different game modes in this game and you can play modes like Arcade, Spinoff and many more. Silent Hill: Origins is one of the Best PPSSPP Horror Games and you can download this game on your Android device by clicking the download button placed below.

6. Obscure II: The Aftermath

PPSSPP Horror Games

Obscure: The Aftermath is a horror and survival base game on PSP, and it’s a game where there are plenty of horror scenes from Hollywood. This game has plenty of scary horror creatures and to kill them all, you need to be equipped with either hockey sticks or chainsaws. You can play with another player via local connection and there are other features in this game that makes it one of the Best PPSSPP Horror Games.

You can explore places in this game and while doing so, you need to keep an eye on those scary monsters because they’re very cruel and killing them can be very intense at times, so you need to keep a good lookout in this game.

7. Manhunt 2

PPSSPP Horror Games

Manhunt 2 is a stealth horror game from Rockstar, and this game has received much criticism because it’s very scary and can give people nightmares. But nevertheless, it’s the perfect example of a Horror PSP Game. It’s an open-world game and you’ll be playing as Daniel and your role is to guide him as he embarks on a ManHunt journey.

This game has a good plot and there are different game modes that you can play in it. It features stealth murder and torture gameplay where enemies can be killed by suffocating them inside plastic bags, and Daniel has a hammer which he uses in taking out his victims as well.

8. Dead Head Fred

Dead Head Fred ISO

Dead Head Fred is an action-adventure game on PSP but it has many horror scenes and that makes it one of the Best PPSSPP Horror Games you can download on your Android device, this game has a very good plot and it narrates the story of Fred who was killed but later woke up and is seeking revenge on the person who killed him. Fred doesn’t use any weapons but rather uses power and consumes more from the head of his fallen enemies.

This game has zombies and you’ll need to watch out for them. Fred has different abilities such as the Acid Vomit (this will allow Fred to vomit acid on his enemies head) There are other cool abilities you’ll unlock when you play Dead Head Fred on your Android device.

9. Hysteria Project

Hysteria Project ISO PPSSPP

Hysteria Project is another horror survival game on PSP, and this game has plenty of missions and scary zombies and monsters, It tells the story of a man who woke up only to realize he’s been taken, tied up and watched by a masked killer. The story goes a long way and there are plenty of features in the game that makes it worth playing, you can explore different places and gather up items that’ll give you point to upgrade your weapon and lots more.

Hysteria Project is one of a kind and it’s one of the Best PPSSPP Horror Games you can download and play on your PSP or your Android device. You can download this game via the download button provided below.

10. Undead Knights

PPSSPP Horror Games

Undead Knights is is an action game where players raise an army of zombies and command them to attack their foes. This game tells the plot of three knights who made a Faustian bargain with an unseen demon known as The Beast and made the impossible happen. The game is quite addictive and it has plenty of features in it, it has good graphics and the controls are very easy to learn as well.

Undead Knights is an addictive PSP game and it’s one of the Best PSP Horror Games you can play, you can use the download link below to download this game on your Android device and also your PSP console.

How To Download and Install PPSSPP Horror games on Android

The steps are pretty simple and there’s not much work to do here, just follow the steps below and you’ll be able to play these games on your Android device.

  • Download any of the preferred games you want via their download links
  • You must have any of Winrar or Zarchiver App
  • Extract the downloaded PPSSPP Horror game
  • Launch your PPSSPP Gold App and locate the game where it was extracted, then launch it and begin to play.


More PPSSPP Horror Games are still coming, but for now, these are the Best PPSSPP Horror Games you can download and play on your Android device or PSP console. Just download any of them via the download links provided, and don’t forget to leave a comment if you’re unable to download any of these games due to broken links.


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