MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9mobile, Spectranet MiFi Price in Nigeria in 2022

If you're looking for the latest MTN 4G LTE MiFi Price in Nigeria or Airtel, GLO, 9Mobile and Spectranet. Here's an article you can read to know more.

MiFi Price in Nigeria

MiFi Price in Nigeria varies a lot depending on where you’re buying from and also the network provider MiFi device you want to buy. MiFi devices from network providers such as MTN, Airtel, GLO and 9mobile are very good to buy and use but sometimes people do have a misconception about their prices.

Today’s topic on LegitBrain has seen me search out MiFi Price in Nigeria because people have been asking me lately how much I bought my Airtel and MTN 4G LTE MiFi devices. So if you’re reading this article, you’ll get to know more about these network providers MiFi Price in Nigeria.


I once wrote an article about the Best Cheapest MiFi To Buy in Nigeria, and while this might be a similar topic, this one has more details on the popular MiFi devices that we use in Nigeria, their prices and also where to buy them in Nigeria.

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MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9mobile, Spectranet MiFi Price in Nigeria

Most times the reason why people see or ear different prices about a MiFi device in Nigeria is that they usually go to shopping websites like Jumia or Konga to search and in there, the prices are much higher than the actual price of these MiFi devices when you visit the MiFi network providers office, but this article will clarify all.


1. MTN 4G LTE MiFi Price in Nigeria

MTN 4G LTE MiFi Price in Nigeria

The MTN 4G LTE MiFi is arguably one of the best and most popular MiFi in Nigeria, and it’s one of the MiFi devices I’m using at the moment. This MiFi device is very fast especially when you reside in states like Lagos State, Nigeria. You’ll enjoy a full speed internet connection and the MiFi also have its own advantage when it comes to getting a good internet speed.

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The MTN 4G LTE MiFi is sold for N12,000 in any MTN registered offices in Nigeria. And the MiFi can allow up to 10 connections and it works well for smartphones, Laptops, Smart TVs and also Computers and Gaming Consoles. The MiFi also comes with add-ons and bonuses and you can check them below.

MTN LTE MiFi Offers:

    • FREE 30GB data (valid for 30 days) upon purchase and activation.
    • A 100% bonus on data bundles from N3,500 to N20,000 for 6 months on the new SIM that is bundled with the MTN MiFi device, after activation of the MiFi.
    • A top-up option on your active monthly data plan on the MiFi SIM with a 3GB Top-up bundle for N1,000 only.
    • FREE data daily, from the 7th month, on the following Super Plans upon exhaustion: 40GB Monthly Plan, 75GB Monthly Plan, and 120GB Monthly Plan.
MiFi Super Plan Offer
S/N Product name Price (N) Free Data (Daily)
1. 40GB Monthly Plan 10000 300MB
2. 75GB Monthly Plan 15000 500MB
3. 110GB Monthly Plan 20000

2. Airtel 4G Pocket WiFi

Airtel 4G LTE PocketWiFi

The Airtel 4G Pocket WiFi is actually a very good MiFi you can buy at the moment, I just got mine recently and even though the network isn’t that stable due to my current location here in Ondo State, it’s still a very good MiFi and it has cool data rates during the first 6 months of purchase. One reason why I love this MiFi device is the battery capacity and durability, it comes with a 3000mAh battery and it lasts more than 8 hours.

The Airtel 4G Pocket WiFi is currently being sold for N5,000 at promo price but the initial price is N10,000 and that comes with a free 30GB of Data. if you buy the MiFi on promo now, you’ll get a free 5GB of Data and also cheap data plans. Airtel 4G MiFi has a fixed price when you visit any Airtel shop, you can check out all Airtel Registered Outlets Here.

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3. GLO 4G LTE MiFi


The GLO LTE MiFi is a very good MiFi choice if you want to enjoy mouth-watering data plans on bonuses when you subscribe, with the same price with the MTN 4G LTE MiFi, this device will let over 10 different users or devices get connected and it offers a very stable speed and a strong battery capacity. The good thing about getting a GLO MiFi is that you can order directly from their official website.

Anyone who is buying a GLO 4G LTE MiFi will get a free 30GB and also extra 5GB of Data when they buy plans above N5,000. The GLO 4G LTE MiFi is sold for N12,000 in Nigeria and you can buy it directly from GLO’s official website or you visit any of their NearBy Stores.

4. 9mobile 4G MiFi

9mobile 4G MiFi

9mobile 4G MiFi is a very good wireless device and it’s a good alternative if you’re looking to connect more than 10 devices at once. This MiFi device is arguably one of the fastest on this list and it has a very strong network coverage and it’s battery capacity is quite similar to that of the Airtel 4G PocketWiFi. The 9mobile 4G MiFi Price in Nigeria is around N16,000 and you can buy it directly from 9mobile eShop.

You can also get this MiFi device at any of their offices across Nigeria and after buying and registering, you’ll also get a free 20GB of data that can be used to browse and download. You might not be ready for the 9mobile 4G MiFi internet speed, it has a very good speed and you’ll enjoy it for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

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5. Spectranet 4G LTE MiFi

Spectranet 4G LTE MiFi Price in Nigeria

Unlike every other MiFi I have listed, Spectranet MiFi devices are of 3 different types and their prices and capabilities are quite different. But I’ll list their prices below but first, you’ll need to know a few things about these Spectranet 4G MiFi’s and the different purposes that they serve.

The very first of them is the Blue Freedom MiFi (it’s a low budget MiFi with a minimum internet speed) while the second one is Evo MiFi (very fast and it comes with more data) then the third one is the Ace MiFi (it comes with a display screen)

Spectranet 4G LTE MiFi Price in Nigeria

If you want to know the prices of Spectranet MiFi devices, you can check them below and you can buy them directly from Spectranet’s official website or you visit any nearby stores.

  1. Blue Freedom MiFiThe Spectranet Blue Freedom MiFi is sold for N17,000 in Nigeria and it comes with a free 45GB Data and Unlimited Night Browsing + 60GB bonus on renewal.
  2. Evo MiFiSpectranet Evo MiFi is sold for N21,500 and it comes with a free 70GB of Data, you’ll also enjoy unlimited night browsing and a very fast internet connection.
  3. Ace MiFiThe Spectranet Ace MiFi is sold for N23,500 and you’ll get free 70GB of Data after activation, free night browsing and 60GB of data when you renew, It also supports an SD card.

Conclusion (MiFi Price in Nigeria)

These are the latest MiFi Price in Nigeria for the likes of MTN, Airtel Glo and 9mobile. If you’ll like to know more about these MiFi devices, kindly leave a comment below and don’t forget to share this with friends who might need a piece of information like this.


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    I want a clarification about the mifi as of now, between Spectranet freedom mifi and Airtel mifi which one is advisable to get for now. Putting into consideration fast surfing and data subscription.



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