7 Best Cheapest MiFi To Buy In Nigeria (2022)

This is an article that'll give you insights on some of the best and cheapest MiFi devices in Nigeria, if you're thinking of getting a MiFi device, then one of the listed ones in this article might be a good choice for you.

best cheapest mifi

MiFi is a portable internet device that can be used both indoors and outdoor, it serves different purposes and it’s quite a popular device most people use these days. While there are different MiFi devices out there, it’s very confusing to know which ones that are good to use and also affordable.

It’s more like contemplating on which Zealot Bluetooth Speakers Or the Cheapest Power Banks to buy these days, but while you have a blog like LegitBrain that is providing you with the best Buying Guides out there, getting a good and cheap MiFi device wouldn’t be that difficult.


Therefore, I’ve handpicked some of the best and cheapest MiFi you can buy in Nigeria, and these MiFi does come with free data and they’re always reliable to use.

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Best Cheapest MiFi To Buy In Nigeria

1. Airtel 4G LTE MiFi

best cheapest mifi


The Airtel 4G LTE MiFi is one of the best pocket internet devices you can carry around, and as we all know Airtel has one of the fastest internet services in Nigeria, this MiFi device is very fast and also very affordable. It looks very small in size and it has a small display screen that’ll show you your data stats and it also comes with a button that’ll allow you to carry out different settings.

You can get this MiFi device for nothing less than N14,000 anywhere aside from Airtel shops that sell the device for nothing less than N12,000. Well, it does come with some extra add ons and it’s one of the best cheapest MiFi you can buy in Nigeria.


  • 25GB Data Free Valid For 30days
  • 8hrs Battery Life
  • Free 5GB Data For 6 Months


  • Only Supports Airtel Sims
  • 10 Connections Max
  • Weak Signals Depending On Area

2. GLO 4G MiFi


The GLO 4G MiFi is another cheap MiFi you can buy in Nigeria, and as we all know there have been some negative reviews on GLO internet service, but I’ll say things aren’t what people say they are. The GLO 4G MiFi is relatively fast in some parts of Nigeria, let me just say it’s very fast and that depends on the numbers of Mast provided in some areas.

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You can get GLO 4G MiFi from any GLO shops around you, and while some websites sell it for s increased price, it’s better to buy from shops and get a fu activation and enjoy the free data and additional monthly add ons provided on it. You can get this MiFi device for nothing less than N12,000 from GLO shops and sometimes N14,000 from other vendors, it’s one of the best cheapest MiFi out there in Nigeria


  • Free 30GB Data
  • Stable Internet Connections
  • Relatively Cheap Data Plans


  • 10 Connections Max
  • 5GB On N5000 Data & Above
  • Battery Not So Strong


best cheapest mifi

The ZTE MTB 4G LTE MiFi is a pocket internet device I’m using and I can tell you it’s arguably one of the best MiFi devices out there. Well, I can’t say it is very cheap nor expensive, but what it does sometimes makes me feel it should be a bit higher than the price it was purchased. Yeah, it’s not easy to buy one unless you visit an MTN shop and sometimes MTN shops don’t usually have one in most cases.

This Device is very fast and also has a strong internet connection that’ll let you surf the net uninterruptedly and it allows a wide range of devices to connect through it. You can buy the ZTE MTN 4G LTE MiFi for around N12,000 when you visit any MTN shops but sometimes it Is sold for N15,000 on shopping websites, it is reliable and it’s one of the best cheapest MiFi you can buy today


  • 30GB Free Data
  • 32 Max Connections
  • Double Data Bonus
  • Fast Downloads


  • Allows Only MTN Sims
  • Battery Lasts Only 5hrs
  • No Cheap Data Plans

4. Smile 4G LTE MiFi

Smile 4G LTE MiFi

Smile 4G LTE MiFi is another good MiFi device you can buy in Nigeria, just like the rest of MiFi I’ve listed which seem very popular. Well, it’s a different case with Smile 4G MiFi because it isn’t too common and you’ll only find it in some places in Nigeria, and some of the states their services operate are in Lagos, Abuja and places like Port Harcourt and so on. Smile 4G is very fast and their MiFi device is affordable.

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You can get yourself a Smile 4G Lite MiFi device for nothing less than N14,500 when you buy directly from their website and for your first month of using their product, you will get some juicy data bonus and another add ons on voice and SMS.


  • 30GB Free Upon Activation
  • Very Fast Internet Speed
  • Unlimited Free On-net Calls
  • Free 8GB On N3K Recharges


  • Battery Life Not So Strong
  • Only 10 Connections
  • Data Is Expensive
  • Coverage Not Available In All States

5. Spectranet Freedom MiFi

Spectranet Freedom MiFi

Spectranet is one of the biggest Wireless Internet Providers we have here in Nigeria and arguably a popular company outside Nigeria. And one of their MiFi devices that look very affordable and worth buying is the Freedom MiFi which is one of the 3 MiFi devices they have. I used this MiFi for some time and it was even my first MiFi device. It has good internet connections and offers strong download capabilities as well.

The Spectranet Freedom MiFi costs only N17,000 and why I love it is that it has unmatched add ons that can’t be compared to some MiFi that I’ve seen out there. You can get this device from any Spectranet outlets and they can be seen around easily. I rate this MiFi device as one of the best cheapest MiFi out there.


  • Free 45GB Data For A Month
  • Free Unlimited Night Browsing
  • 60GB Renewal Bonus
  • 10GB Bonus Data on 6 Renewals On N5K Above Plans
  • Download Speed Up To 7mb/s


  • Weak Signals In Some Areas
  • Can’t Be Unlocked
  • Data Plans Aren’t Too Friendly
  • 6hrs Battery Life

6. Jio Digital Life 4G LTE

Jio 4G LTE

Jio Digital Life MiFi is quite different from the rest of the devices I’ve listed though but it serves multiple purposes and aside from the dedicated data bonus that comes with the likes of MTN, GLO or Airtel, you won’t get it on this Jio Digital MiFi. It serves as a router device that will allow you to use any type of network in Nigeria to browse on it. You can have a Spectranet sim and use It on Jio Life 4G LTE.

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Jio Digital Life 4G LTE is very fast and supports almost all networks in Nigeria but at the same time it doesn’t support some networks and it has connectivity issues when used in an area with a poor internet signal. You can get the MiFi device online for nothing less than N20,000. It’s one of the best cheapest MiFi out there.


  • Supports Any Networks
  • Download Speed Of Up To 150M
  • 10 Hours Battery Life
  • 31 Connections Max


  • MTN & Smile 4G Won’t Work On It
  • No Bonus Data
  • Doesn’t Support 3G Sims

7. eStream eMiFiĀ 

best cheapest mifi

eStream is another Internet Service Provider in Nigeria and they offer one of the best internet services for commercial users like Banks and Companies, and their services are available for individual users or small scale businesses. With their eMiFi device, you can enjoy a fast internet connection and they have data plans that look very juicy.

Just like how it is with Smile 4G MiFi, eStream networks are only available in a few places in Nigeria but that doesn’t diminish the fact that they have one of the fastest internet speeds in Nigeria. You can get an eMiFi device for nothing less than N22,550. eMiFi is one of the best cheapest MiFi in Nigeria.


  • 30GB Free Upon Activation
  • Unlimited Night Browsing
  • Unlimited Monthly Data Plans
  • 8hrs Battery Life


  • 10 Connections Max
  • They Have Expensive Data Plans
  • Limited Network Coverage


These are the best cheapest MiFi devices you can buy in Nigeria, you can buy any one of them based on different purposes, but if you want to enjoy good unlimited data with fast downloads, then the eMiFi is a good choice. I hope you find this article very helpful, don’t forget to share the link with friends.


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