PUBG New State Highly Compressed 300MB APK for Android

PUBG New State Highly Compressed

PUBG New State Highly Compressed is the new exciting battle royale game on Android, and if you’ve played PUBG Mobile or BGMI and Call of Duty Mobile before, then you’ll be very familiar with this game. The only difference is that PUBG New State brings in new excitement in battle royale games.

PUBG New State is an exciting open-world online shooting game you’ll love to play on your Android device, and there’s a lot of features and upgrades you’ll see in this game compared to the previous PUBG Mobile games on Android.


You can download the latest version of PUBG New State Highly Compressed here on LegitBrain. This game has been compressed from its original file size and I decided to split it into 5 different parts for PUBG Lovers with little internet data to be able to download the game file one after the other and install it easily on their Android device.

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About PUBG New State Highly Compressed

PUBG New State is the new PUBG Game we’ve all been waiting for (as said by the developers) and yes we’ve been waiting for quite some time and now that this game is out, it’s completely different in terms of graphics and features. PUBG New State offers a completely different battle royale gaming experience and it’s back and better this time around.

PUBG New State is developed by Krafton Inc and this game sets a standard for a battle royale game, filled with realistic gameplay and top-notch graphics, it’s more of a modern open-world game and there’s plenty of features in there for one to enjoy.

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PUBG New State Highly Compressed Features

I’ll be listing some of the features you’ll find in this game and these features are quite different but similar to the ones you’ll find on PUBG Mobile and BGMI. But on New State, it’s more of an improvement and yeah it looks better.

Ultra Realistic Graphics

My first impression of this game is the graphics, and I can say it’s the first time I’m seeing a mobile game of this kind with such graphics. The graphics are quite different from other PUBG games and regardless of the device you use and provided that it meets the requirements to play the game, you’ll surely experience dynamic graphics in PUBG New State Highly Compressed. PUBG New State uses two graphic API which Open GLS and Vulkan and both API offers improved performance and game optimization.

Drone Credits

The drone credits is another feature I love most in PUBG New State Highly Compressed and it makes the gameplay experience even better because I don’t have to run around looking for items like Medkits and even Ammos to pick up. With the Drone Credits, you can order items like Flare Gun, Ammo, Medkits, Guns and a lot more. All you have to do is just gather as many Drone Credits as you can and they can be found easily in all buildings and you can loot them from destroyed enemies.

Improved Controls

The controls in PUBG New State is completely different and they’ve been positioned to let you enjoy playing the game via whatever mode of playing you prefer. When starting the game, you can choose your control type if you want to play with 2 thumbs or if you prefer playing with Claw (3 fingers). More buttons are added and you can also easily make parkour movements.

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New Maps & Improved Erangel

There are two maps available so far in this game and one of them is the TROI map which is an 8km x 8km map and it’s a different kind of map that portrays the glimpse of a small American city that has been faced with chaos and it has different locations and there are different building you can explore easily.

PUBG New State Highly Compressed

While the second map is ERANGEL 2051 and it’s the very first map in PUBG, but this one is quite different in terms of building structures, ERANGEL 2051 is the modern city of ERANGEL with almost the same locations in the old map but all still the same.

Team Deathmatch

The Team Deathmatch takes place in a location called Station and it’s more intense compared to the previous Team Deathmatch in PUBG Mobile. The TDM is a 4v4 match and the first team to reach 40 kills will be announced as the winner. You can choose your weapons before the match starts.

Training Mode

In the Training Mode, you’ll be given a 30 minutes training time to learn the new equipment in PUBG New State, you can also learn and practice your gameplay and also try out the new vehicles and guns, it also gives you the chance to play and master your skills until you’re ready for the real match.

PUBG New State Highly Compressed App Info

Here’s a piece of short information about PUBG New State Highly Compressed and the information below are the minimum requirements needed from any device that wants to download and play the game.

Name PUBG New State
Graphics Open GL 3.1 or higher / Vulkan 1.1 or higher
RAM 2GB RAM Upwards
CPU 64-bit (ABI arm64 or higher)
Size 1.4GB (300MB x5 Parts)
OS Android 6.0 or higher
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PUBG New State Highly Compressed Download Links

The files are compressed into 5 different parts, therefore you’ll need to download all 5 files, then follow the installation steps below to know how to download and install this game on your Android device.

   PUBG New State 1

   PUBG New State 2

   PUBG new state 3

   PUBG new state 4

   Pubg new state 5

How To Install PUBG New State Highly Compressed on Android

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure you download all the files via the download buttons above, they’re all zipped and 4 files are in 300MB while the 5th one is 100MB.

  • After downloading all the files, you’ll need to have Winrar installed on your Android device, you can download the Winrar app below. Don’t use Zarchiver or any other extraction tools.

Price: Free
  • Now Launch the Winrar App and locate the location where you had downloaded all the compressed PUBG New State Files.

  • Now press and hold on to the Part 1 File, then click on Extract Here, then wait for the extraction process to get completed.

  • Once the file has finished extracting, you’ll see the PUBG New State APK, click on it and install it, there’s no need for an OBB file. The APK and OBB are combined. You can now launch the game and set up the necessary controls you’ll need.


That is all about PUBG New State Highly Compressed for Android, stay updated on this page as I’ll be updating the files from time to time, and if you encounter any error, kindly leave a comment and I’ll help you solve it ASAP.


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