PUBG New State PC Download for Windows and Mac PC

PUBG New State PC

PUBG New State PC is a new battle royale game from PUBG and this game emulates the exact type of gameplay from PUBG PC. PUBG New State is a recreated version of the PC version of PUBG Mobile and there’s a lot to expect from this game.

The Graphics in all areas are quite different and everything looks like you’re playing PUBG Mobile on PC. PUBG New State isn’t really made for PC users because PC users can enjoy the exact gameplay experience on their PC via PUBG PC. But for PC lovers who want to play PUBG New State on their PC, here’s an article that’ll help you out.


If you’re looking for a way to play PUBG New State PC on your Windows or Mac PC, here’s an article on LegitBrain that’ll give you all the insights you need on how to play PUBG New State via Emulators on PC.

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About PUBG New State PC

PUBG New State is developed by Krafton Inc and this game sets a standard for a battle royale game, filled with realistic gameplay and top-notch graphics, it’s more of a modern open-world game and there’s plenty of features in there for one to enjoy. And while this game is made available on Android and iOS devices yet, you can still play it on your PC.


PUBG New State PC version can be achieved with the help of Android Emulators, and you can read a similar topic about emulators and the Best Free Fire Emulators on PC.

PUBG New State PC Features

I’ll be listing some of the features you’ll find in this game and these features are quite different but similar to the ones you’ll find on PUBG Mobile and BGMI. But on New State, it’s more of an improvement and yeah it looks better.

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Ultra Realistic Graphics

My first impression of this game is the graphics, and I can say it’s the first time I’m seeing a mobile game of this kind with such graphics. The graphics are quite different from other PUBG games and regardless of the device you use and provided that it meets the requirements to play the game, you’ll surely experience dynamic graphics in PUBG New State PC. PUBG New State uses two graphic API which Open GLS and Vulkan and both API offers improved performance and game optimization and these two Graphics API will give you a more realistic display when playing with Emulator on your PC.

Drone Credits

The drone credits is another feature I love most in PUBG New State and it makes the gameplay experience even better because I don’t have to run around looking for items like Medkits and even Ammos to pick up. With the Drone Credits, you can order items like Flare Gun, Ammo, Medkits, Guns and a lot more. All you have to do is just gather as many Drone Credits as you can and they can be found easily in all buildings and you can loot them from destroyed enemies.

Improved Controls

The controls in PUBG New State is completely different and they’ve been positioned to let you enjoy playing the game via whatever mode of playing you prefer. But you won’t be needing on-screen controls as you can play on your PC with Keyboard and Mouse, and you can also configure your Emulator with controllers. Using Keyboard and Mouse makes the game easier to play and it will help control recoil perfectly.

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New Maps & Improved Erangel

There are two maps available so far in this game and one of them is the TROI map which is an 8km x 8km map and it’s a different kind of map that portrays the glimpse of a small American city that has been faced with chaos and it has different locations and there are different building you can explore easily.

PUBG New State PC Download

While the second map is ERANGEL 2051 and it’s the very first map in PUBG, but this one is quite different in terms of building structures, ERANGEL 2051 is the modern city of ERANGEL with almost the same locations in the old map but all still the same.

Team Deathmatch

The Team Deathmatch takes place in a location called Station and it’s more intense compared to the previous Team Deathmatch in PUBG Mobile. The TDM is a 4v4 match and the first team to reach 40 kills will be announced as the winner. You can choose your weapons before the match starts.

Training Mode

In the Training Mode, you’ll be given a 30 minutes training time to learn the new equipment in PUBG New State, you can also learn and practice your gameplay and also try out the new vehicles and guns, it also gives you the chance to play and master your skills until you’re ready for the real match.

How To Download and Play PUBG New State PC

Getting this done wouldn’t take you any time and it is not stressful. It’s more of you downloading PUBG New State on your Android device, but with the help of Emulator, you can easily download, install and play this game on your Android device.

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Download and Play PUBG New State PC with Bluestacks Emulator

PUBG New State PC

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is download and install bluestacks on your PC, you can ignore it if you already have the emulator installed.
  • Launch the Bluestacks Emulator, then complete Google Sign-in with your Gmail Email and Password.
  • Now launch Google Play Store, then search for PUBG New State. Click on install and wait till it gets installed.
  • Now launch PUBG New State, then sign in with your email or create a fresh account by linking your Facebook account with it.

Other Emulators for PUBG New State PC for Windows and Mac

If you don’t like Bluestacks Emulator due to one or two reasons or gameplay experience, you can also use one of the listed emulators below. Then follow the same installation process written under Bluestacks Emulator.

  • Nox Player Emulator
  • MemU Emulator
  • Gameloop Emulator
  • LDplayer Emulator


You might be expecting you’ll need to download PUBG New State PC in a .exe file or .dmg, well it’s not needed because there’s no official release for PUBG New State for Windows and Mac users and the only alternative way to play it is by using Android emulators on PC.


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