FIFA 21 ISO PPSSPP Offline For Android (PS5 Graphics)

If you want to download the latest FIFA 21 ISO for PSP, you're in the right place to download the game.


FIFA 21 ISO PPSSPP is the latest football game for those who love to play the latest soccer games on their Android device while using PSP Emulator Known as PPSSPP. This edition of FIFA comes with a lot of features and updates to player faces and stadiums.

If you want to download the latest FIFA 21 ISO PPSSPP, you’re in the right place to download the game. I recently stumbled upon a channel that offered the best version of FIFA 2021, so I’m going to write about it and also give you all the complete installation steps.



So let’s get started with playing FIFA on our Android device, but before I start, I’ll like to give some info about this game, the new features and the graphics update.

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FIFA 21 ISO PPSSPP is the latest edition of FIFA on PSP and while it’s not an official game from FIFA, this game has been modified from FIFA 14. But you can enjoy this version because it comes with the latest updates and also has upgraded graphics.

In this new FIFA, you’ll find real player faces, new stadiums and new football kits. The commentary is very accurate and you can also change the commentary language to any language you want and that includes English.


New Improved Graphics – One thing I love about this game is that the graphics is totally different from any ISO football games I’ve seen. It comes with improved graphics and the latest graphics is like that of PS5. The players look very real and everything about the game looks cool.

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Career Mode – The new career mode is really exciting and it even gives you more time to play as many matches as you want. A lot of games to keep your addiction level at the highest level. In the career mode, you’ll play the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A, Ligue 1, depending on the team you chose, then you’ll play other European competitions and local tournaments as well.

New Kits, Players & Teams – You’ll be able to use players who were included in the January transfer window, new team kits have been included and also new teams from different leagues are not in this new FIFA 21 ISO. Both local and international teams all have a spot and you can easily choose any team you want.

Online Gameplay – You can also team up with friends who have the same version of this FIFA 21 and also having the same texture files and save data as you are. You can connect with them online and play a versus match.

Smooth Gameplay – This game has been optimized to give you the best gameplay ever, it runs smooth and there is no form of lagging on it, but you’ll need a good Android device with a good processor and a RAM of at least 3GB if you want to experience stable gameplay.


There’s a lot to enjoy in this FIFA 21 ISO PPSSPP game and there are other feature’s which I’ve not included but will be experienced as you play the game. You can do skills training and a whole lot more.

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FIFA 21 PPSSPP Download Links

You’ll need to download all the files via the download links I’ll be adding here, and also make sure to download all files, the game installation process will be written below alongside a video tutorial that’ll give you a complete guide.

If you already have the PPSSPP Emulator, you can ignore downloading it again, just download the game files alone and follow the installation process.

   PPSSPP gold apk

   FIFA 21 ISO

   FIFA 21 Texture

File Password: DAN


  • Firstly, when you’ve downloaded all the game files, the first thing you need to do is to extract the texture files. You can do that by following the next step below.
  • Open the Texture Folder With Zarchiver Apk, then copy the texture file with the name ULUS10112 to your PSP Folder. Go to Android/PSP/TEXTURES. Then paste the folder.
  • It will ask for a password, so use DAN as the password.
  • For the ISO file, open the FIFA 21 ISO Zip folder with Zarchiver, Copy or Cut the file and move it to Android/PSP/GAME. Then use DAN as the password.
  • Now open your PPSSPP app and locate the FIFA Game which will appear as FIFA 07. Open it and begin to play the latest FIFA updates on your PSP Emulator.

If you don’t have the TEXTURES folder in your PSP folder, you can easily create one by your self and also do the same if you don’t have the GAME folder as well. Kindly watch the video below to know more about how to play this game better.

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Final Words

So that’s all on playing the latest FIFA 21 ISO on PSP emulator, if you have any issues when playing this game or you find it difficult to set up, kindly leave a comment below and also visit the youtube video link. Stay updated on this blog because I’ll be posting more PPSSPP Games.


  1. Total waste.I wasted my data for this rubbish, it dosen’t look anything like ps5, if anyone is reading my comment don’t download this rubbish even PES is better than this trash, i am so angry rightnow ?


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