Musicolet Music Player Review: Best Music Player For Android in 2022

Musicolet Music Player is a very nice music player for Android users, you can read about this music player before downloading it on your Android device.

musicolet music player

When you buy a new Android device, there is always a pre-installed music player on that device and we all know it is Google Play Music. But now a closed app and rebranded into Youtube Music and it looks more advanced and better.

But never enough, so while I was sourcing out for a good music player for Android, I stumbled upon an amazing music player called Musicolet Music Player, and I can tell you how impressive this app is. It’s lighter and works offline, and also comes with a whole lot of cool features.


musicolet music player

Musicolet Music Player is one of a kind and there’s more to this app than just using it to listen to music. This is a music player that’ll make you ditch any other music player app you might have used or currently using. Well, let’s take a little dive in to know more about this music player.

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About Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet is a very light yet but powerful music player developed for Android users, and it has been a standout amongst other music player apps on the Google Play Store. With a rating of 4.7 over the last 5 years, there hasn’t been any music player with a lot of consistency in delivering cool features and staying updated.

Developed by Krosbits in India, this app is developed to make you under music in the simplest way possible, no internet connection is required and it doesn’t support ADS.

What Makes Musicolet A Different Type Of Music Player

  • It Has No Ads
  • No Internet Connection Is Required.
  • Multiple Queues Be Achieved.
  • Simple UI With Simple Design & Makes Way For Easy Navigation.
  • It Has A Built-In MP3 Editor.
  • It Has A File Manager That’ll Allow You to Carry Out Operations Like, Moving/Copy/Rename Songs within the app.
  • It Has A Powerful Equalizer.
  • It Has Different Settings for Speakers, Headphones, Bluetooth etc.
  • Easy Earphone Controls
  • Embedded Lyrics + LRC Support
  • Stunning Widgets can create a shortcut at home.
  • Lock Screen with various functions.
  • Light And Dark Themes
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Musicolet Music Player Features

Lightweight Music Player – Musicolet is very light, and its lightness is one of the key reasons why it’s my favourite music player, it doesn’t consume RAM and it’s not one of those music players that consumes storage space on your device. Downloading the app will take nothing less than 10MB and its size once you begin to use it won’t go beyond 50MB.

musicolet music player

Listen To Music On Different Folders – I find this feature to be the best amongst all the feature’s I observed on this app is that while listening to music from one Queue, you can also search for a song or an album and listen to it, but the best thing is that you can switch Queues and you’ll resume from where you stopped on a particular Queue.

More Options Available – It doesn’t matter what you want to do on the music player, you can always find any options with just a simple click on the settings icon, from there you can create a home screen widget customization, you can easily change the app interface, you can apply themes and also change the lock screen functions.

Powerful Equalizer Awaits You – Musicolet has a different type of Equalizer and its own type is the one that has many audio output options for you based on the type of Audio accessories you’re using. You can change the sound you want to hear. There are many equalizing options for Earpieces, Headphones and even Bluetooth Speakers.

Powerful Music Editor – You’ll find Musicolet Music Player to be a very different music player because with this player you can easily edit any music directly from the player, you can change the music name, album name, artist, year of release, audio cover and so much more can be done directly from the app. It’s a very powerful music player.

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How To Download Musicolet Music Player On Android

Downloading Musicolet Music Player is very easy, you can use the app icon below to download the app on your Android device.

Musicolet Music Player
Musicolet Music Player
Developer: Krosbits
Price: Free


I’m quite sure you’ll have almost the same experience I had on the first day I tried this music player on my Android device, it’s one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time and it’s even my default music player as I’ve ditched Youtube Music or any other music player for Musicolet Music Player.


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