Rokkr TV Apk (Rokkr TV For Windows, MacOS & Linux)

Rokkr TV is one of the best apps to watch live TV on Android, Windows, Linux and macOS. You can get the direct download links for this app and also the steps on how to install and also stream on it.

Rokkr TV Apk

Rokkr TV is a new entertainment service provider and it’s one of the best I’ve seen in a while and there’s a lot to enjoy from this TV app. Rokkr lets you watch live TV’s on your Android device, Windows PC and even on macOS and Linux. It serves as a good alternative to Netflix and other streaming apps.

The difference between Rokkr and other similar apps will be detailed in this article, and you’ll see why it makes sense to use Rokkr TV Apk as your favourite streaming app. I’ll be providing the download links for Rokkr TV Apk and also for other supported operating systems.


With Rokkr TV on your Android device, Windows PC or macOS and Linux OS, you can enjoy premium video content like never before and one good thing about this app is that the videos are all in a dedicated Rokkr URL and you’ll access them like accessing a normal website where videos are uploaded.

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About Rokkr TV Apk

Rokkr TV is a streaming app developed by a group of Switzerland developers and the main purpose of this app is to enable people to enjoy free and nonstop streaming content online. While it has a premium version, it still offers the majority of its services free. Rokkr TV is the best way to avoid paying hefty fees on monthly basis on streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon or even On Google Play.


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This app doesn’t host movies or any form of media content, but it rather provides them through a dedicated URL that can be accessed through the app. And all contents on it are licensed through various parties. There’s a lot to enjoy from this streaming app.

Rokkr TV Apk

Rokkr TV Apk Features

As I’ve stated earlier, this app offers a lot of features and some of its features and one of the reasons why I like it and also because it is very easy to use and also manage.

Fast Servers – Unlike some apps that offer free streaming services and mostly have dead servers due to the inability to maintain them, Rokkr is quite different and all their servers are always active and ready to serve you on any media you want to stream.

Automatic Subtitles – One thing I observed about this app is that when you want to stream a movie from a server that is not an English server, once you start watching the movie on it, it automatically translates the words in accord and that will allow you to enjoy the movie even better.

Huge Content Library – Another good reason to use Rokkr TV is that they provide a wide variety of content and on their servers, you’ll find both new and old movies. You can also stream live TV’s directly on the app and they also have channels for kids where animes can be watched conveniently.

Live Sports Streaming – If you’re a lover of Football or any form of sporting activities, this app has about 5 sports channels hosted on its servers for you to stream different sports and it also has other sports channels where you can watch ongoing sporting events like the Tokyo Olympics and many more.

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Affiliate Program – Rokkr TV affiliate program is a good way to earn money and this program doesn’t require you to undergo stress, all you need to do is sign-up for the affiliate program for free and when you do, you share your ref-id to your friends and they get 5% discount on Rokkr Premium account, and you get €25 per order. And you can cash out when you’ve earned €50.

The premium services let you enjoy some extra benefits compared to the free users, and some of the benefits are:

AD Free Service – The AD-Free Service is a way to differentiate a free user from a paid user, and this service lets you stream on the app with no form of disturbance, you will be able to stream nonstop and there won’t be any ADS showing while you’re streaming.

Reliable Servers: While the free users enjoy good and stable servers, all paid users will enjoy a more reliable and well monitored server as well, these servers are very fast and they’re being monitored so when there’s a break in transmission, they easily get them fixed.

The premium service is a one-time payment fee for a complete calendar year and it costs only 19.95 EUR. Once you made that payment, you can enjoy the best streaming services ever.

Rokkr TV Apk Download Links

With the download links provided below, you’ll be able to download this app on your Android device, Windows, macOS and Linux OS. The download links are provided below.

How To Install Rokkr TV Apk On Android

  • Download the Apk file by clicking on the Android download icon
  • Once downloaded, click on the app and install it on your Android device.
  • After installation is completed, now open the app and open this URL on the address bar and hit the enter button.
  • Then you can begin to stream.
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Rokkr TV Apk

How To Install Rokkr TV Apk On Other OS

  • Download the needed one for your OS, if it’s windows, you can install the exe file instantly.
  • And for other OS like Linus or macOS, you’ll need to download and unpack the file then install it on your PC. then use to access the server and begin to stream nonstop.

Final Words

Now that you’ve read about Rokkr TV, I hope you see the app as one of the best to enjoy free streaming services, well there is still room for improvements from its developers and we should be expecting more and more cool features very soon. Don’t forget to leave a comment and also please share this article with friends.


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