Legal Ways To Make Money Online in Nigeria in 2022

Nothing feels better than making money online using legal measures, but if you don't know how to do that, I'll suggest you read this article for more insights.

legal ways to make money online

Legal ways to make money online in Nigeria is quite simple, I’m not saying it’s simple as ABC but if you pick the right way and follow steps, you’ll realize you’re making what most people call soft money. While making money online in Nigeria is more like a tree with just two branches, the two branches are tagged legal and illegal.

And these days we’ve seen at least 70% of Nigerians making money online through illegal means, but hey it’s the year 2021 and while it’s nearing a turn for another year, there are different and many ways in which you can make legal money as an individual in Nigeria.


If you want to make clean money and avoid the likes of EFCC or even SARS Operatives, then make legal money and while making money online is no crime, it’s a crime when you make money online through scams but in this article, I’ll be giving you insights on the legal ways to make money online in Nigeria.

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Legal Ways To Make Money Online in Nigeria

I’ll be listing some of the legit ways to make money online in Nigeria, and some of these ways are so easy to learn and even youtube you can find helpful tips that’ll guide you and with hard work and consistency, you’ll be able to make money sooner than you expected.


1. Blogging

legal ways to make money online

Of course, blogging still pays and while it seems to be a tough hustle to startup, you can still make something out of it. Blogging is one of the best ways to make legal money online in Nigeria and starting a blog isn’t a big problem. There are platforms that allow people to build and grow their blogs over time. You can start using WordPress (which will cost you money) or you can use Blogspot (which will cost you less) Then you can decide on a particular niche you want to write on.

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You can either go for Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Lifestyle, Gaming or even Finance. Blogging is wide and there are areas you can focus on depending on the insights you have towards them. Then you can think of monetizing after growing your blog and having traffic consistently, blogging is one of the legal ways to make money online in Nigeria.

2. Vlogging

legal ways to make money online

Vlogging is the opposite of blogging, and while blogging deals with sharing information via written content, Vlogging on the other hand is more about sharing information via recorded video content. People you see who have video channels on Youtube are Vloggers and they also make money with what they do, you can also start a youtube channel and share video content, you can open a youtube channel about product reviews, gossip gist or even for tutorials. Starting a Vlog is easy because you won’t need to spend any money, with your smartphone alone and a stable internet connection, you can start your Vlog.

Vlogging is lucrative and it also needs consistency, but it’s one of the legal ways to make money online in Nigeria, people find it preferable compared to Blogging and while both are good ways to make money online, it’s up to you to know which one you prefer.

3. Freelance Services

legal ways to make money online

Freelancing is another way to make money online, if you’d enjoy getting paid in dollars, then you should consider freelancing, freelancing deals with you offering people your skills, you can either be a Graphics Designer, A content Creator, A Web Designer or even A Developer, you can take your skills and freelance on websites like Fiverr or Upwork. You only need to signup on to these websites and create your profile and also build your resume in a way that’ll attract clients to you.

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Freelancing pays and even on your social media profiles, you can offer freelance services to your friends and even friends of friends. With just your smartphone or computer you can be a freelancer. There are blogs and youtube channels that’ll guide you on how to go about freelancing online, Freelance Services pays and it’s one of the legal ways to make money online in Nigeria.

4. Gaming

legal ways to make money online

I don’t see Nigerians embrace Gaming, and while most of our parents and elders see it as a form of distraction towards academics, I’ll tell you there are millionaires out there who make a living from playing games online. You’ll find Indian’s having Game Channels on Youtube playing games Like Battlegrounds Mobile India and other games and they get paid through donations made by people who enjoy what they do. You can play games too here and get paid via donations or when you apply for online gaming competitions with fellow Nigerians.

Making money from playing games sounds crazy because it’s Nigeria and people see it as something too irrelevant, but I’ll tell you it’s a way to make make money and it’s one of the legal ways to make money online and just like every other way of making money, you’ll need to work hard and be consistent with playing games.

5. Affiliate Marketing

legal ways to make money online

When you look at the legal ways to make money online here in Nigeria, you’ll always find Affiliate Marketing appearing almost all the time, and yes it’s one of the best ways to make legal cash. You can start Affiliate Marketing with your Blog or Youtube channel and how do you earn via Affiliate Marketing? Well, you make money from affiliates when people buy products through a generated link from the company or brands you’re affiliating with.

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There are many business brands that offer affiliates, websites like Jumia offer affiliate programs, even fintech companies offer affiliate programs. You can find affiliate programs almost everywhere online. Affiliate Marketing is one of the legal ways to make money online.


Making money online in Nigeria has many ways but I’ve listed some of the best ways I know and from the ways I listed I can boldly say I’m practising at least three from the list and it’s being able to cater for my needs when I need it to, these are some of the legal ways to make money online in Nigeria. I’ll appreciate your comment and also if you have any suggestions you can say them in the comment box.


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