Best Websites To Buy Refurbished MacBook Laptops in 2022


MacBook Laptops are one of the best laptops you can buy online, they’re made of quality and when it comes to using them for certain activities, they never fail. And while MacBook laptops always seem to be expensive laptops people want but only a few could afford, there’s a better way to buy one cheaply and in today’s article on LegitBrain, you’ll know about the Best Websites to Buy Refurbished MacBook Laptops.

Getting a refurbished MacBook laptop is the only way you can actually buy one if your budget is very low or if you’d like to save money on some other things, and do bear it in mind that these refurbished laptops have been tested to work perfectly.


Perhaps you’re thinking of getting yourself a refurbished Apple iPhone and you need a good place to buy it online, you can also read a similar article on our blog that talks about the Best Websites To Buy Refurbished Apple iPhones.

Before going too deep with this article, I wouldn’t want you to have the feeling these refurbished MacBook Laptops are used or second hand, they’re not and I’ve stated the big difference between the term Used and Refurbished below.

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What Differentiates A Used and A Refurbished Macbook Laptop?

Refurbished MacBooks are Laptops that have been tested and verified to work effectively and most time they’re always with a warranty, and sometimes they come directly from the product manufacturer and their prices aren’t always as cheap as you’d expected.

While a used MacBook on the other hand is a Laptop that has been used by someone, and they’re often regarded as second-hand Laptops and most times they usually have underlying technical issues and they don’t come with a warranty, and these types of Laptops can be purchased through a friend, a random person, a family member or in a public store and they’re sometimes very cheap.

Now that the differences between used and refurbished MackBook Laptops have been stated clearly, now let’s dive into the list of websites you can get yourself a refurbished  MacBook Laptops online and with the best quality assured.

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List of the Best Websites To Buy Refurbished MacBook Laptops

These websites are online shopping websites that are very common and also very popular, so you don’t have to worry about losing your money on buying a refurbished product. These laptops have been tested by their experts and they also have warranty and buyers protection.

1. Apple Refurbished Store

Buy Refurbished MacBook Laptops

While a lot of people see Apple as a manufacturer that sells only newly manufactured products alone, well here’s one thing. Before you can go out to purchase a refurbished Apple product, the first place you should always visit is the Apple Refurbished Store and it’s where you’ll find any refurbished Apple products an example of these products are the MacBook Laptops from Apple.

On Apple Refurbished Store, you’ll find almost any MacBook models from years back to the latest ones that are being released this year and you’ll likely find the ones that will be released next year when you visit the website next year. The good thing about buying from Apple Refurbished Store is that you’ll get up to a 30% discount on any laptop you buy and you’ll be given at least a 1-year warranty.

2. Mac of All Trades

Buy Refurbished MacBook Laptops

Mac of All Trades is another website I have so much admiration for and because they have top-notch services that can’t be matched and a quality assurance that comes with any product you buy from them literally makes this website one of the best out there for getting refurbished products. On Mac of All Trades, you can buy the oldest and latest refurbished MacBook laptops at a very cheap price and they’re all tested and working perfectly.

This website is one of the best Websites To Buy Refurbished MacBook Laptops online and they have quality shipping and delivery services and their customer support is one of the best. You can also buy refurbished accessories from them and they sell refurbished Android smartphones and Apple iPhones too.

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3. OWC Store

Buy Refurbished MacBook Laptops

OWC which is also known as Other World Computing is a tech store where you can upgrade your computer accessories, they provide top-notch services when it comes to upgrading laptops, especially MacBook laptops and you can also upgrade RAM, Storage and a lot more. They also have a dedicated store for refurbished Apple Mackbook laptops and you can also find new laptops in their store.

For any refurbished MacBook laptop you buy from this website, you’ll be given a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product or if you find it not working properly. This website also sells different gadgets and you can always buy from them at a discounted rate.

4. Amazon Refurbished

Amazon Refurbished

Another website where perfect conditioned refurbished Apple MacBook Laptops can be seen and purchased online is the Amazon Renewed, and it’s a section on the Amazon website where you can buy products that are pre-owned, refurbished and have been opened up before, and the good thing is that these products are inspected and tested to work perfectly as a new one before being placed on sale.

So getting a refurbished MacBook on Amazon Renewed wouldn’t be an issue as there will be quality assurance on the laptops, and most times these laptops are always cheap compared to buying new ones. Amazon Renewed is a website you can trust for getting refurbished electronics and Apple products are some of the refurbished products you can buy from them.

5. RefurbMe

Buy Refurbished Apple Laptops

RefurbMe is the perfect website to visit if you’re looking for refurbished Apple products, and when I say Apple products I’m talking about Apple iPhones, iPods, iPads, Macbooks and Apple Watches. On this website, you’ll find cheap refurbished MacBooks that are Like New, in Excellent Condition, Good and Fair conditions and these laptops are in good conditions and are very affordable.

RefurbMe is a very good website for buying refurbished Apple MacBook Laptops and if you need any other Apple products which you’ll like to buy as refurbished and in a cheap and perfect condition, you can always visit the website to get any product you want.

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6. Back Market

Back Market (Refurbished MacBook)

The Back Market is another website with a huge collection of pre-owned, open-box and refurbished products and this website is so huge that you’ll find different electronics there and these electronics all vary from home appliances to gadgets and so on. And for buying Refurbished MacBooks on this website, be rest assured that you’ll see MacBook Laptops ranging from 2005 editions to the latest MacBooks in town and they’re all sold in good conditions.

Back Market is a very reliable source for buying refurbished Apple products and you can always buy other refurbished Apple products like iPhones, iPad, Apple Watch and Airpods and they’re mostly sold cheap and they always come with a warranty and buyers protection. BackMarket is one of the best websites to Buy Refurbished MacBook Laptops.

7. Swappa

Swappa Refurbished Store

Swappa offers a great deal when it comes to refurbished items and not just refurbished items alone, you can always buy used products from them as well and they offer quality buyers protection when you make a purchase on their website. On Swappa you can get a refurbished MacBook Air for as low as $225 and a MacBook Pro for as low as  $400+ and you’ll find them in good condition. You can buy both refurbished and used MacBooks on this website.

On Swappa. you can buy other gadgets and other laptops like Windows Laptops, Chromebooks, you can also buy wristwatches, video games and lots more and these products are well tested and are confirmed to work perfectly. Swappa is a very good website and it’s one of the best out there.


For getting the best Apple MacBook Laptops online as refurbished products, these are the websites you can use and I hope you find that dream MacBook laptop you want to buy on these websites. Don’t forget to share this post with friends and comments will be appreciated as well.


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