Best Websites to Download Pinoy (Filipino) Movies in 2022

Pinoy movie lovers who need a website to download any Pinoy movies on their smartphones and PC, here's a compilation of some of the best websites you can use to download Filipino movies.

Websites To Download Pinoy Movies

Websites to Download Pinoy Movies are a compilation of free Filipino Movie Download Websites and these websites all have different categories of Pinoy movies you want. You just have to visit them and search for what you want and download it without delay.

Just like Hindi & Bollywood Movies, Pinoy Movies are quite popular and these days a lot of people want to know where exactly can these movies be downloaded for free and which website gives them out.

Therefore in today’s article on LegitBrain, I’ve decided to list the Best Websites to Download Pinoy Movies online for free. If you love watching Filipino movies and you want to download them on your Android, iOS or even on PC, then these websites will offer you a direct download link to any Pinoy movies you want.

List of the Best Websites to Download Pinoy Movies

Having a fast internet connection is mandatory especially if you’re downloading from these websites outside known countries like the Philippines and its neighbours. At times you might need a VPN because some of these websites won’t open due to geo-restrictions. And if you’re downloading via Windows 10 or 11, you might want to use one of the Best Browsers for Windows 10 & 11.



FILIKULA has been an active website for a very long time until 2019 when it stopped uploading movies but it’s still very active, this is a website I’ll recommend if you’re looking for old Pinoy movies to download and watch. This website uploads both Filipino movies and English movies and you can download them easily without signing up and also making any form of payment.

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FILIKULA is actually very popular despite its recent inactivity, the website has different Pinoy movies from years back till 2019. You can always visit FILIKULA for any of your old favourite Pinoy movies and they provide these movies in good quality and you can also stream them as well.

2. Download-AnyMovies


Download-AnyMovies is a website where you should be assured you’ll get a very good Pinoy movie you want. This website acts like an anchor to different download links for any movies you want and one of the good things about the website is that, you can download movies based on their country of origin, they have different genres of movies and they’re all in high quality.

Download-AnyMovies makes it easy for anyone to download Filipino movies online for free and you can find any Filipino movie you want from this website. They have both combinations of old and new movies and their download links are always working, you can trust this website to be your source for any Pinoy movies you want.

3. PinoyMoviesPedia


If you haven’t come across PinoyMoviesPedia then you’re certainly missing out on almost all the latest philippine movies out there, PinoyMoviesPedia is known to be one of the most active websites where you can download pure Filipino movies and at the same time, you can stream movies on the website as well. They have a very large collection of Filipino movies and downloading them is not even stressful at all.

PinoyMoviesPedia is one of the best websites to download Pinoy movies online, you’ll find different Pinoy movies on this website, and they even have some of the latest 2022 Pinoy movies that you can download on your device. All you need to do is just visit and you’ll see different Filipino movies to download for free.

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4. ReleaseBB


ReleaseBB is another website where different movies are being sourced out and uploaded for fans to download for free. On this website, you’ll find not just only Pinoy movies but also movies from Hollywood and so on, but the good thing about ReleaseBB is that you can download any movie you want easily on this website, the download links are added under each movie on the homepage of the website.

ReleaseBB is a very good website and it’s one of the best websites to download Pinoy movies on your mobile or PC and they usually have different categories of Filipino movies that you can download from them, it’s a very good website with fast download links and any Pinoy movies downloaded from there are always in good quality.



WLEXT is another great website where getting any Pinoy movies seem nothing but possible, this website is always active for any Filipino movies you want to download and so far it’s been one of the best over the years. On WLEXT, you’ll find different Pinoy soap operas that you can download, they always have updated episodes and their download links are active and very fast.

If you need a very good website to get yourself any Filipino movie, then you should check out WLEXT because it’s one of the best websites to download Pinoy movies online for free. You can also download other country-specific movies from them for free and they have the best out there.

Alternative to Websites To Download Pinoy Movies

Youtube is also a great place to get Filipino movies and how it works is that you have to watch it online or you save it for offline purposes. And another way is when you use a Youtube downloader to save the Pinoy movies from Youtube.

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For downloading Filipino movies online, these are the best websites to download Pinoy movies online for free, and these websites are very reliable and they also make sure to bring in the latest and best of the best.


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