Spider Man 3 PPSSPP (PSP) ISO Download for Android


Spider Man 3 PPSSPP is an action-adventure game on PSP, and it’s the 3rd instalment from the Spider Man series. This game is quite addictive to play and it’s available on different platforms like Windows, Xbox, Playstation and others that are not mentioned.

However, to play this game on your Android device, you’ll need to download the ISO file for PSP and then run it via a PSP emulator called PPSSPP on Android. It’s very similar to when you play PS4 games on PC with the PCSX4 Emulator for PC.

In today’s article on LegitBrain, I’ll be providing you with the direct download link for Spider Man 3 PPSSPP and the installation steps will be provided as well. Spider Man 3 is an interesting game to play and it’s one of the Best PSP Games with a Direct Download Link out there.

If you’ve Spider-Man 1&2 before, I’m sure you’ll know what to expect from 3 and even the third edition happens to be broader in terms of the movie/game plot and also the features and boss battles that are included in the game.

About Spider Man 3 PPSSPP

Spider-Man 3 gameplay is set to be different and this follows up with the story of Peter Parker’s complicated relationship and Parkers personal issues. In Spider-Man 3, Peter Parker has to deal with the spirit guiding his Spider-Man Suit as it changes from red to black and the black version proves to be stronger but a bit dangerous as it is bringing out the other side of Peter Parker.

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Fast forward to the main story. In Spider Man 3 PPSSPP, Peter Parker will be facing two different bosses in Sandman and Venom as they have plans to take him out and everyone around him. So that leaves Peter Parker with 3 different problems to attend to.

Spider Man 3 PPSSPP Features

Below are some of the features of Spider-Man 3. And these features are one of the reasons why you’ll love to play the PSP version on your Android device.

Open-World Gameplay

Just like the gameplay in Spider Man 1 and 2, Spider Man 3 PPSSPP also offers open-world gameplay and with this, you can roam freely in the streets of manhattan. When not on a mission, Spider-Man can fly around the city and also complete some bonus tasks and lots more.

Using Cheat Codes

On Windows and other types of Spider Man 3 compatible devices, you can use cheat codes to make your gameplay much easier and the same applies to Spider Man 3 PPSSPP. You can apply cheat codes to restore your health, make you stronger and also add more attributes to your skills and more.

2 Enemies vs You

While Peter Parker is still driven by the extraordinary power of his Spider-Man suit that is still taking hold of him, he faces a bigger threat as two different antagonists are waiting to strike him. Help Spider-Man defeat Sandman and also Venom, which leaves you with 2 enemies vs you alone.

Spider Man 3 PPSSPP Download Links

You can use the download links below to download Spider-Man 3 ISO on your Android device, make sure you follow the installation steps unless the game won’t work on your Android device.

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How to Install Spider Man 3 PSP on Android

Step 1. Download the Spider-Man 3 ISO file via the download link provided above, make sure you have Zarchiver installed on your Android device.

Step 2. Open your Zarchiver app and locate the downloaded zip file of the Spider-Man 3. Click on it and extract it to any folder you can easily locate on your Android device.

Step 3. Once you’ve finished extracting it, now open your PPSSPP emulator and locate the Spider-Man 3 ISO file, then click on it to launch the game.

Spider Man 3 PPSSPP


To get the Spider Man 3 cheat codes for PPSSPP, you have to search for them online as you can find them on different websites, and if you can play the game perfectly without cheat codes, it’s good of you.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you’re facing issues when trying to play this game on your Android device. You can also check out more interesting PSP games from our PPSSPP Games Category, you’ll love every game you see there.


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