6 Best Websites To Download TV Series in 2021

Downloading TV Series has always been an issue for some series lover, but if you're one of them and you're reading this article, you'll discover the best websites to download series online for free without stress.

websites to download tv series

It’s the year 2021 and we all know there is a couple of TV series that will be released in this calendar year, we will be seeing fresh episodes from different series, new pilot episodes from new TV series as well.

But when it comes to downloading these TV series, it’s always a big issue most times, because some websites that offer movie downloads have been shut down due to copyright infringement. But in today’s article, I’ll be letting you all know about the best websites to download TV series from, and they offer them in clear HD.


If you love watching anime on Android or iOS, you can check out the best apps to stream anime on Android & iOS. So now let me list out the best websites to download TV series.

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Best Websites To Download TV Series

I got to know about these websites last year when I was out there looking for a place to download an old TV series called The Legend Of The Seeker and I actually got to download the complete seasons. So if you want to download the latest TV series as well, new or old. You’ll find them on these websites.



websites to download tv series

TFPDL is one of my favourite websites for downloading movies, games and even software’s, I sometimes see them as an alternative to downloading from torrent websites and while they’re not as resourceful as torrent websites, you’ll surely get that movie you want on their website.

With TFPDL, you can download any TV series of your choice, from 480p,720p,1080p and even Blu-ray, they have movies and TV series of different video quality and they’re very easy to download. TFPDL is a very good website, easy to navigate and they have working download links for their movies, it’s one of the best websites to download TV series online.

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2. TodayTvSeries2

websites to download tv series

TodayTvSeries2 is another good website where I always get to download any TV series I want to watch, but one thing about them is that they only offer TV series and not movies or movie series. On this website, you can download the latest TV series on the net for free and their videos are very compatible with mobile phones. TodayTvSeries2 movie files are from 100MB+ and the highest file you’ll download from them will be around 350MB+.

I always like to visit TodayTvSeries2 anytime I want to download a TV series, if they have what I’m looking for, I’ll surely download it without stress. TodayTvSeries2 video formats are mostly in 480p.avi and they’re compatible with almost every video player. TodayTvSeries2 is one of the best websites to download Tv series online for free.

3. DirectSeries2


DirectSeries2 is another good website you can download the latest TV series from, and it also allows users to download normal movies and also Korean movies for free. This website is very easy to navigate and it also has some great movies and series that are available for people to watch for free. If you love downloading all your favourite series at once, you can always visit this website as well.

DirectSeries2 uses two different file hosting websites for its movies and series and these file hosting websites are very easy to download from. You can get any type of series, movies and Korean dramas on DirectSeries2 for free. It’s a very nice website and has a clean interface. DirectSeriess2 is one of the best websites to download TV series.

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4. 4GTvSeries


If you’re looking for a website that offers clear TV series and won’t be bigger than 150MB or even 180MB, then you should try downloading from 4GTvSeries. This website offers some of the best TV series out there and they also have some memorable TV series from 10 Years ago. You can download your favourite TV series from this website without stress and their download links are very active.

4GTvSeries is one of the best websites out there to download Tv series online and all their series are 480p and they come in .avi and also .mkv file format. You can watch any series downloaded from them on mobile or PC. 4GTvSeries is a very good website to download Tv series and I’ll recommend them any day.

5. NaijGreen


NaijGreen is a Nigerian based website where you can download anything you want regarding entertainment. This website has blown my mind on different occasions and it’s just an outstanding website and different from some websites I’ve seen. On this website, you can download TV series, Movies, Nigerian Movies, Nigerian Music and Videos and also some African Music and Videos.

They offer Movies and Series in 480p, 720p and you can download them for as low as 200MB+ depending on the format you’re downloading. You can also download anime series from them, but one thing I don’t like about them is that they don’t usually provide download links on time but when they do, it stays permanent. NaijGreen is one of the best websites to download TV series.

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6. MovieSquad

websites to download tv series

Last but not least is another awesome movie downloading website known as MovieSquad and it’s one of the best out there but you wouldn’t know websites like these exists on the net. I actually prefer this website after TFPDL and TodayTvSeries2, and the reason why I love this website is that you can download any movies or series from 20 years ago from them and they’ll be clear in HD as new.

On MovieSquad you can download Movies, Series, Bollywood Movies and also Korean Movies and their movie files are always 800MB and while series are a bit less but always come in good quality. MovieSquad is very easy to navigate and has a good user interface. It’s one of the best websites to download series.

Final Words

With this article, I’m sure downloading TV series or movies won’t be an issue for you anymore. These websites are the best out there and if you can find a particular TV series on one, you can always check the rest for that TV series you’re looking for.


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