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SteamUnlocked is a website that'll allow you to download PC Games for free, Games from Steam are provided on SteamUnlocked and you can download them easily on your PC.


SteamUnlocked is a website I recently came across when I was actually looking for websites I could list for an article I was working on, and after going through the website, I realized it’s a very good website to download PC Games and that puts it in my list of best websites to download PC Games for free. But today I want to give a detailed article about the website.

It’s just like every normal website out there, but I just love the fact that you can download any PC Games for free and you can even request any PC Game you want on the website, it’s very much user-friendly and downloading games on it is very much easier too. So today I’ll be letting you know why SteamUnlocked is a very good website to Download PC Games for Free.


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About SteamUnlocked

SteamUnlocked is a website where you can download Steam Games for free without paying a dime, and it happens like that because it’s not everyone who can afford to pay for games online. Therefore getting them free seems to be an alternative for most people, and with a website like SteamUnlocked being around, it’ll make it a lot easier for anyone to download Free Steam Games for PC.



On a website like Steam Unlocked, you can download any type of game you want and these games are free and even legal to play, I’ll list the category of games you can download on the website and will also tell you how to download games easily on this website.

SteamUnlocked Games Category

You’ll find more than 10 Different Game Categories on SteamUnlocked, and all these categories are stocked with more than 1000 games each, I’ll be listing some of the game categories you’ll find on this website. So let’s get started.

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PS2 Games

In case you’re wondering why PS2 Games should be on this website, well there are people who still play PS2 Games and we know there is a large number of PS2 Games out there, on SteamUnlocked you can download any PS2 ISO Game you want without paying anyone or paying on a website.

PS2 Lover can visit this website to download any PS2 Game of their choice without any stress. Just select the game you want and click on the download button to get the game downloaded on your PC or Mobile.

Open World Games

There are different numbers of Open World Games on SteamUnlocked, you can download any Open World Game by just going through the category and you’ll see different games like CyberPunk and many other games from the category. You can download any of these games for free and they’re all from Steam.

Complete GTA Series

If you want to start your Grand Theft Auto journey from the first edition of GTA to the last one, you can easily download all GTA from the GTA Series from this website and they’ll work perfectly. SteamUnlocked has all the latest GTA Games and its latest updates are included as well.

If you need any GTA Game, just use the search bar and type in Grand Theft Auto and it’ll show you all the Grand Theft Auto games it has, just pick one and download it without any form of stress.

Adult Games

If you love playing Adult Games, you can download any Adult Game from SteamUnlocked. There are different numbers of Adult Games on the website and most of these Adult Games are paid games from Steam, but you can download dem for free here and you’ll be able to play them easily on your Windows PC.

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Features Of SteamUnlocked

If you’re wondering why this website is actually better compared to other websites, I’ll list the few features I’ve observed from this website and why it seems better than other websites where you can download PC Games for Free or even Download Steam Games For Free.

Request Games – Yes you can request games on SteamUnlocked, when you observe you can get a particular game from the website, just click on the Request Game option and fill in the name of the game you want, if there are over 20+ requests or more for the same game you want, they’ll get the game and add it to new collections of game.

Request Updates – The same way you can request games, you can also request an update for a particular game if there’s one. This doesn’t require much query because automatically they’ll update a game once they know there’s a new update for it.

Latest News – If you want to read about game news and updates, you can do that easily on SteamUnlocked, their news section lets you read and never miss out on any important game news.

How To Download Games On Steamunlocked

  • To download games on SteamUnlocked is very easy, and all you need to do is to visit the SteamUnlocked Website.
  • Search for the game you want to download via the search bar displayed on the homepage.
  • Click on the game, after that you’ll see a box that shows the size of the game in lemon green and black colour. Click on it and you’ll be taken to the download page.
  • You’ll be redirected to where the game file was hosted, you can now download it easily, it is advisable to use a download manager because the download speed for free users on Uploadhaven is limited.
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That’s all on SteamUnlocked. Please leave a comment below if you’re facing any issues regarding downloading any game from this website. We’ll get back to you with a response as soon as possible.


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