10+ Best List Of Gift Cards To Trade in Nigeria in 2022

In this article, you'll find the best Gift Cards you can trade in Nigeria. I've listed the best Gift Cards based on their values and exchange rate in Nigeria.

Best list of gift cards

The best List Of Gift Cards out there is so enormous that at times you’ll find it difficult to choose one as your favourite, as we all know that Gift Cards have been a blessing so far, it’s a suitable way to get paid, pay for and even shop online.

On the other side of making money online, people have been able to make a living from trading Gift Cards, and we’ve seen websites like Paxful making it easier for Gift Cards to get traded on and there are even Apps You Can Use To Trade Gift Cards out there.


In today’s article, I’ll be handpicking the best list of gift cards you can trade as an exchange trader, and if you’re planning on becoming one, you can pay attention to these cards as they have good values and are widely accepted on all trading platforms.

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But first, let’s talk about Gift Cards and how people get to make money from them and why it’s even better to use them to shop and also use them as a form of getting paid.


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What Is A Gift  Card

When you go out there online seeking what a Gift Card actually stands for, you’ll be presented with different definitions but I’ll make it a simple definition and I’ll tell you Gift Card is a gift voucher or a cash card that can be used to make a purchase on shopping websites and can be gifted to people. And there are different types of Gifts Cards out there.

List Of The Popular Gifts Cards In The World

The first-ever Gift Card was introduced in 1994 by Blockbuster and we’ve seen more than 50 Gift Cards since the introduction of the first one. You’ll find a couple of popular Gift Cards listed below but I’ll tell you they aren’t considered the best to trade yet but they’re very popular on the internet.

Gift Card

Gift Card Score 

Gift Card Popularity Rank 

Starbucks Gift Card 70 5
Target Gift Card 65 4
Fandango Gift Card 61 20
Walmart Gift Card 60 3
Whole Foods Gift Card 55 36
Rei Gift Card 55 22
Netflix Gift Card 55 12
Disney Gift Card 55 10
eBay Gift Card 51 6
American Express Gift Card 50 7
Chick-Fil-A Gift Card 50 14
McDonald’s Gift Card 50 16
Google Play Gift Card 50 9
Best Buy Gift Card 50 15
iTunes Gift Card 50 8
Visa Gift Card 50 2
Gamestop Gift Card 46 17
Etsy Gift Card 45 21
Ikea Gift Card 45 29
Cracker Barrel Gift Card 45 48
Nordstrom Gift Card 45 28
Texas Roadhouse Gift Card 45 25
Olive Garden Gift Card 45 24
T.J. Maxx Gift Card 45 40
Chipotle Gift Card 45 27
Nike Gift Card 45 34
Sephora Gift Card 45 11
Home Depot Gift Card 45 13
Amazon Gift Card 40 1
Costco Gift Card 40 41
Old Navy Gift Card 40 46
American Airlines Gift Card 40 50
Wawa Gift Card 40 49
Macy’s Gift Card 40 23
Apple Store Gift Card 40 37
Chili’s Restaurant Gift Card 37 44
Cabela’s Gift Card 36 42
Ticketmaster Gift Card 36 35
Michaels Gift Card 36 39
Kohl’s Gift Card 36 32
Lowe’s Gift Card 36 31
Mastercard Gift Card 36 19
Applebee’s Gift Card 35 43
Red Lobster Gift Card 35 38
Subway Gift Card 35 30
JCPenney Gift Card 35 47
Dunkin Donuts Gift Card 35 18
Burger King Gift Card 31 45
Hobby Lobby Gift Cards 28 33
Taco Bell Gift Card 25 26
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Best List Of Gift Cards To Trade In Nigeria

These Gift Cards are listed according to their selling rates here in Nigeria, so if you’re into an online business that involves getting paid with Gift Cards, you can tell your customers to get you any of the listed Gifts Cards below.

1. Footlocker Gift Card

Best list of gift cards

Footlocker is a sportswear and footwear retailer in America, and they sell some of the best wears out there and they also have a Gift Card you can earn as a gift when you shop massively in their store. While this Gift Card is very popular, it’s also a very good Gift Card to trade in Nigeria due to its high value in Naira.

Footlocker Gift Card is one of the Gift Cards with the highest trading rate in Nigeria and a $100 worth of Footlocker card will fetch you approximately #33,000 Naira in Nigeria. The only problem is that, getting this card is never easy but when you get paid with one, it’s always good to have it. Footlocker Gift Card is one of the best list of Gift Cards to trade in Nigeria.

2. Mastercard Gift Card

Best list of gift cards

Everyone is familiar with Mastercard and it’s a very common logo placed on our debit and credit cards. Well, while people know Mastercard to be a global payment solution, they also provide Gift Cards and they’re seen as an alternative way to making fast payments. You can get one and activate it easily and use it anywhere or on any website you want.

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Mastercard Gift Card is quite valuable in Nigeria and it has a rate that is quite juicy. This Gift Card is worth around #34,000 upwards for $100. It’s a perfect card to accept as a form of getting paid. So if you’re thinking of a Gift Card to trade, I highly recommend Mastercard Gift Card.

3. Google Play Gift Card

Best list of gift cards

While Google Play Gift Card can’t be used to shop items online or in stores, it’s still much a very valuable Gift Card from Google and this can be used on the Google Play Store. You can use Google Play Card to buy games and apps and as well purchase TV shows, books and many more items inside the Google Play Store. This Gift Card is quite valuable in Nigeria.

A Google Play Gift Card of $100 can fetch you approximately #34,000 Naira or even more depend on who redeems it for you. The card is one of the most valuable Gift Cards out there and its trade rate is very juicy.

4. iTunes Gift Card

Best list of gift cards

iTunes Gift Card is and was another very popular Gift Card in Nigeria during some time and it’s still much a very valuable Gift Card today. It’s a Gift Card that can be used to make purchases within the Apple Store and it is widely accepted on some websites too. iTunes Gift Card has a very good rate in Nigeria and it’s still one of the most known Gift Cards out there.

You can get approximately #33,000 Naira when you trade a $100 iTunes Gift Card and sometimes it goes higher depending on the current dollar rate. iTunes Gift Card is one of the best lists of Gift Cards to trade in Nigeria.

5. American Express Gift Card

Best list of gift cards

American Express is one of the fintech companies in the USA and they provide banking, payments and other services for people to use, they also have a Gift Card that makes payment very easy for their customers. The Gift Card is very valuable when traded for naira and you can always use it as a form of getting paid when you work for foreigners.

Amex Gift Card is valued high and with a $100 Amex card you’ll get around #33,000 Naira. This card has a high rate and it’s one of the best list of Gift Cards to trade for cash in Nigeria.

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6. Amazon Gift Card

Best list of gift cards

Amazon Gift Card is one of Amazons popular products alongside Amazon Fire TV. This card can be earned for free on Amazon, you can also walk into stores around to buy one for yourself. You can use it to shop on Amazon and make different payments with it. This card has some values and its estimated value for $100 in Nigeria is around #26,000 Naira.

Amazon Gift Card is one of the best list of Gift Cards out there online and it’s among one of the best list of gift cards you can trade in Nigeria. You can also use the card to shop on your Nigerian Amazon account and your order will be shipped to you.

There are other Gift Cards that aren’t listed but are displayed below in a table. So you can get paid via any of the listed cards and you’ll know how much you’re expected to get.

Gift Cards Rate Per $100
Amex Gift Card #34,000 Naira
Google Play Gift Card #33,000 Naira
Footlocker Gift Card #35,000 Naira
Mastercard Gift Card #34,000 Naira
iTunes Gift Card #32,000 Naira
Bestbuy Gift Card #32,000 Naira
Nordstrom Gift Card #30,000 Naira
Macy Gift Card #30,000 Naira
Sephora Gift Card #30,000 Naira
Steam Gift Card #30,000 Naira
Visa Gift Card #30,000 Naira
Amazon Gift Card #30,000 Naira
eBay Gift Card #30,000 Naira

Where To Buy Gift Cards Online

Buying a Gift Card online goes a long way especially if you’re not in a country where buying Gift Cards is easy, but as a Nigerian or someone from other countries, you can buy Gift Cards from the following websites. Note: You have to buy them legitimately, don’t use information that isn’t yours.

  • Amazon
  • Card delivery
  • Bestbuy
  • Gyft

Types Of Gift Cards To Trade

There are different varieties of Gift Cards out there, and if you’re ever in a position where you want to get paid via Gift Cards from your business associates, below are the types of Gift Cards you can request and exchange into cash here in Nigeria.

iTunes, Steam, Google, Visa Amazon, Sephora Nordstrom, Nike, Walmart, Nike, Amex, OffGamers, eBay, Best-Buy, Home Depot, Macy, Vanilla, Target

Final Words

These are the best list of Gift Cards to trade in Nigeria, and please be informed that this article isn’t anything related to giving insights to online scammers on Gift Card values and rates. This article is purely for people who are into a legitimate business and who often get paid via Gift Cards.



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