GTA SA PPSSPP Zip File Download (GTA San Andreas for PPSSPP)


GTA SA PPSSPP Zip File is the compressed file for GTA San Andreas for PPSSPP, and if you want to download this game on your Android device and play with the PPSSPP emulator, rather than the usual process to download apk of GTA 5,  you’re in the right spot to get the direct download link and installation steps.

GTA San Andreas for PPSSPP is not like other GTA games that are on PSP, but the version you’ll be downloading here is the GTA Vice City Stories Version but it has been tweaked to work perfectly on the PPSSPP app, so there’s no problem.


If you want to download GTA SA PPSSPP Zip File on your Android device, LegitBrain is the right spot for you and you can also find over 100 PSP Games With Direct Download Links here. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of the best GTA games ever and it’s a game I’ve played over 4 times and finished, it has a very good plot, cool graphics and plenty of nonstop actions.

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GTA SA or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is an open-world action game that was released back in 2004 and it tells the story of a street gang member called CJ (Carl Johnson). He left the city and came back after a long time only to realize his mother has been killed and a lot has changed in the hood since he left.


So he teamed up with old friends in the hood, these friends are Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder. But two ends up betraying him and he had to kill them, GTA SA PPSSPP Zip is a game of real action and it’s very addictive and it’s arguably the best because everything is possible in GTA San Andreas for PPSSPP.

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GTA SA was originally released for PC, Gaming Consoles and Mobile Devices but never on PSP, but don’t worry, you’ll be downloading GTA San Andreas for PPSSPP and you’ll be able to play it on your Android device without stress.

GTA SA PPSSPP Zip File Download Features on PSP

Some of the reasons why Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will always be my favourite is because of the features it has, this game has almost everything in perfect shape and even though the graphics look really old, it doesn’t give a bad review for it. So here are some of the features of the GTA SA PPSSPP Zip File you’ll get when you download it.

Gameplay Like A Movie

The moment you launch GTA SA on your PPSSPP emulator and you start the game from the beginning, it’s going to be more like you watching a movie because there are some scenes in the game that shouldn’t be skipped. Carl Johnsons like in San Andreas is like a movie and as the player, you’ll understand the game even better when you watch all the movie scenes in the game.

Ride In Different Styles

GTA SA PPSSPP Zip is quite different compared to older GTA games, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you can ride any kind of vehicle and one of the best things I like about this game is that you can even drive Trains, you just need to hijack one and drive it. Driving in different styles is one of the reasons why GTA SA is respected, very boats, planes, helicopters, bikes and cars can be driven with nothing to stop you.

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Cheat Codes Supported

Yes, you can use cheat codes when you download the GTA SA PPSSPP Zip File on your Android device, you just need to get the right cheat codes and you can activate them easily. GTA SA cheat codes are quite much and you’ll find cheat codes that’ll let you beat the cops or increase your wanted level, some will give you different weapons, unlimited health and ammo and also plenty of cash.

GTA SA PPSSPP Zip File Download Links

Use the links below to download GTA San Andreas for PPSSPP. Then follow the installation steps that have been written below, make sure you don’t miss any files unless the game will not work if you try playing it on your Android device.

This is version of GTA SA is a mod version of GTA VC Stories. All gameplay are GTA VC Stories with addition touches of GTA SA.

GTA San Andreas for PPSSPP (80MB)

How To Install GTA SA PPSSPP Zip on Android

  • Download the GTA SA PPSSPP Zip File via the download link above
  • Open your Zarchiver app and extract the downloaded zip file on
  • Now copy the PSP folder and replace it with the current PSP folder on your device Internal Storage.
  • Now open your PPSSPP app, locate the downloaded GTA file and launch the ISO from your PPSSPP emulator.


You might be disappointed that it’s not the real GTA SA and I apologize for that, but to get the real GTA SA on PSP, you have to use a different Emulator and it’s DamonPS2. Stay tuned to this blog because I’ll be writing about that very soon.

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