Best Highly Compressed PPSSPP (PSP) Games Under 50MB for Android

PSP Games Under 50MB

Highly Compressed PSP Games Under 50MB are a list of PPSSPP Games that have been compressed from their original file size into 50MB and these types of games will be very easy for any Android user to download and play on their Android device.

If you love playing highly compressed PSP games, you can check out some of our picks on the Best PSP Games Under 100MB and Highly Compressed PSP Games Under 10MB. Today’s article on LegitBrain is about PSP Games Under 50MB and I’ll be providing the direct download links to these games.


PSP Games are always fun to play and that is why most times they always get compressed so that anyone can download them easily without thinking about the cost of data. There are Highly Compressed PSP Games Under 20MB as well and they’ll be listed in my next article.

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List of the Best Highly Compressed PSP Games Under 50MB for Android

These games are compressed from the highest GB to the lowest MB and when you extract them and run on your PPSSPP, you’ll see it run perfectly and there won’t be any lags or skips when playing missions and other game modes.


1. The Godfather: Mob Wars

The Godfather Mob Wars ISO 50MB

The Godfather: Mob Wars is an action-adventure game that features third-person shooter gameplay, and in this game, you’ll play as the son of a Corleone family associate and also engage in mobster business. There are two different game modes in this game, you can play story mode and also mob wars mode. You can download this game on your device, it’s one of the Best PSP Games Under 50MB.

The Godfather: Mob Wars has been compressed to the lowest MB, you can download it via the download button below and when you extract it on your Android device, you can open your PPSSPP app and launch the game, there’s a lot of actions and features in the game.

2. Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines

PSP Games Under 50MB

Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines is another 50MB PPSSPP Game you should play on your Android device and it’s a game filled with plenty of ancient stories. This game takes place in an ancient city in Cyprus and it tells the story of an assassin named Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad as he tries to uncover the Templars intention on the island.

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This game features a third-person shooter gameplay and it’s a stealth game as well, you can download Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines via the download link below, the game file is in 50MB, and when you extract it, it will return to its original size.

3. MotoGP


MotoGP is a bike racing game on PSP, and while it was released back in 2006, it was a very popular game then and even till now. In this game, you’ll compete against a different number of opponents and the goal of each race is to always reach the finish line first. There are different game modes you can play in the game and there’s a lot of features in it.

MotoGP features game modes like Arcade, Time Trial, One on One, Multiplayer, and Season (Career) mode. and you can play all without stress. MotoGP is one of the Best PSP Games Under 50MB and you can download it for just 40MB alone, it has been highly compressed.

4. Spider-Man 3

PSP Games Under 50MB

Spider-Man 3 is another amazing video game on PSP and in this game, you’ll need to play a lot of different missions before you can unlock the main story mission and in the story mission, you’ll experience different gameplay with more abilities of Spider-Man coming into action. This game has been well compressed and can be downloaded easily.

Spider-Man 3 is one of the Best PSP Games Under 50MB and it’s a game that you’ll enjoy playing because it has different missions, you can play combat tours, races and disarming bombs and doing random attacks. You can download this game below.

5. WWE 2K18 ISO


WWE 2K18 might seem a bit old to you, so why not download the latest WWE 2K22 ISO and enjoy the latest features and game modes. But if you love old WWE stars and you also want to play some game modes in the official WWE 2K18, then you can download this version here on your Android.

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WWE 2K18 ISO download link is below and with just one click, you’ll have this game on your PPSSPP. It’s a cool game and also one of the Best PSP Games Under 50MB, it has been highly compressed and can be downloaded easily on Android.

6. FIFA 2020 ISO

PSP Games Under 50MB

FIFA 2020 is one of the cool football games you shouldn’t miss playing on Android via PSP emulator, this game has plenty of licensed football teams and plenty of club kits and different players in the transfer windows. You can play different cups and competitions and you can also build your own club in career mode and also be the coach in your team.

FIFA 2020 ISO has been compressed to just 50MB and it’s a perfect Highly Compressed PPSSPP Game Under 50MB. You can use the download link below to download this game and play it on Android.

7. Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man Far From Home PSP ISO 50MB

Spider-Man Far From Home is one of the latest Spider-Man games on PPPSSPP and while it’s the unofficial version yet, you can still download and play this game on your PSP emulator. Spider-Man Far From Home is one of the best PSP Games Under 50MB and you can download it via the download links below.

There are plenty of features in Spider-Man Far From Home and there are different missions to complete in the game, it has good graphics and it has been compressed to just 50MB for easy download on Android.

8. WWE 2K20 ISO

PSP Games Under 50MB

WWE 2K20 ISO is another quality game that falls in the list of the Best PSP Games Under 50MB and this game is one of the best WWE games out there. It has different game modes and it has the best WWE superstars in it. You can build your own WWE character and upgrade it to be the strongest in the game.

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WWE 2K20 ISO has good texture files and when applied on PSP, you’ll get different entrance scenes, different WWE star celebrations and other addons. This game is 50MB and it can be downloaded below.

How to Install Highly Compressed PPSSPP Games Under 50MB

  1. Firstly, you will need to download and install Zarchiver Pro Apk.
  2. Download and install the PPSSPP Apk from Google Play Store, then launch it, when you do, it will create a PSP folder on your device internal storage. Then you’ll need to extract the PPSSPP ISO File you download to your PSP Folder.
  3. Open Zarchiver, then you will need to extract the downloaded ISO file to your Internal Storage > PSP > Game, then close it.
  4. Now launch the PPSSPP Emulator, you’ll see all the games you have on your Android device on the home screen, from there you can play anyone you want.


These are the Best PSP Games Under 50MB that have been highly compressed for Android. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you’re unable to download any of these games below, and stay tuned for more highly compressed PSP Games.


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