Best Websites to Buy Refurbished Apple iPhones in 2022

buy refurbished apple iPhones

Most times when I see people talk about refurbished products, some describe them to be items that are not worth spending on, and while that theory might be true in some cases, it still doesn’t apply to all items especially on products like the Apple iPhones.

Apple iPhones with no doubt are one of the best smartphones you can buy in this 21st century, and while they always seem to be quite expensive compared to some Android phones out there, you can still get yourself a very good iPhone and while it may not be a brand new iPhone, it’s a refurbished iPhone that works perfectly.


To buy refurbished Apple iPhones online isn’t complicated and if you have the right plug or website to get one, then you can easily buy any refurbished iPhone of your choice. But if you don’t know where to buy refurbished Apple iPhones online, you’ll find some of the best websites to buy refurbished Apple iPhones here on Legitbrain.

Before going deep into this article, there’s a misconception that goes around used and refurbished phones, especially iPhones, therefore I’ll like to state the clear differences between the two factors. People usually mistake Used Phones with Refurbished Phones and vice versa, but the differences are explained below to give you a proper insight.

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What Differentiates A Used and A Refurbished iPhone?

Refurbished iPhones are iPhones that have been tested and verified to work effectively and most time they’re always with a warranty, and sometimes they come directly from the product manufacturer and their prices aren’t always as cheap as you’d expected.

While a used iPhone on the other hand is an iPhone that has been used by someone, and they’re often regarded as second-hand phones and most times they usually have underlying technical issues and they don’t come with a warranty, and these types of iPhones can be purchased through a friend, in a public store and they’re sometimes very cheap.

Now that the differences between used and refurbished Apple iPhones have been stated clearly, now let’s dive into the list of websites you can get yourself a refurbished  Apple iPhone online and with the best quality assured.

List of the Best Websites to Buy Refurbished Apple iPhones

These websites are popular shopping websites and they offer the best refurbished iPhones and they also offer warranty and protection to these phones. You can check these websites below to know where to buy refurbished Apple iPhones online.

1. Apple Refurbished Store

buy refurbished apple iPhones

You might find it very surprising that Apple sells refurbished iPhones despite the fact that they’re the one’s who manufacture these phones. Well, Apple sells refurbished Apple iPhones and being the manufactures of these phones also makes them have a store for selling phones that have been rejected for technical issues from resellers who bought the devices from them.

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While you might have your doubts about refurbished iPhones, I’ll tell you if you’re getting one from Apple Refurbish Store then there’s no need to worry. Apple Refurbished Store is one of the best websites you can buy refurbished Apple iPhones and you can buy them for a good price.

2. Amazon Renewed

buy refurbished apple iPhones

Another website where a perfect conditioned refurbished Apple iPhone can be seen and purchased online is the Amazon Renewed, and it’s a section on the Amazon website where you can buy products that are pre-owned, refurbished and have been opened up before, and the good thing is that these products are inspected and tested to work perfectly as a new one before being placed on sale.

So getting a refurbished Apple iPhone on Amazon Renewed wouldn’t be an issue as there will be quality assurance on the iPhone, and most times these phones are always cheap especially when you make a purchase via Amazon Prime. Amazon Renewed is a website you can trust for getting refurbished Apple iPhone and they have almost all kinds of iPhones available on their website.

3. Best Buy

buy refurbished apple iPhones


Best Buy is arguably one of the largest online shopping websites in the USA and while they have physical stores in local areas where you can shop for products and also pick up items when you make an order through their website. When it comes to getting refurbished products online, Best Buy is one of the best websites out there that you can trust. You’ll find refurbished products with good discounts and warranties.

Best Buy is known to be a huge market hub for refurbished iPhones and on their website, you’ll find refurbished Apple iPhones that are in good shape and are not as expensive as getting a new one. Best Buy is a huge website and it’s one of the best websites out there where you can be rest assured that you’ll get a good refurbished Apple iPhone.

4. Back Market

Refurbished iPhones On Back Market

The Back Market is another website with a huge collection of pre-owned, open-box and refurbished products and this website is so huge that you’ll find different electronics there and these electronics all vary from home appliances to gadgets and so on. And for buying iPhones on this website, be rest assured that you’ll see Apple iPhones ranging from iPhone 6 to the latest iPhones in town and these phones are sold in good conditions.

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Back Market is a very reliable source for buying refurbished Apple iPhones and you can always buy any iPhone of your choice and these phones are sold cheap and they always come with a warranty and buyers protection. BackMarket is one of the best websites to buy refurbished iPhones online.

5. eBay

Refurbished iPhones On eBay

eBay is another huge marketplace in the US and it’s one of the best shopping websites online where you can buy different items like home appliances, phones, office equipment and you can also buy clothes and groceries on eBay as well. When it comes to buying refurbished items, you can always buy refurbished electronics and that includes phones like Android smartphones and Apple smartphones.

You can get the best refurbished Apple iPhones on eBay but the only problem with them is that they don’t provide a guarantee for refurbished items that are being purchased on their website, but you can always demand a refund and return a product back if it doesn’t work as you expected.

6. Gazelle

Refurbished iPhones On Gazelle

When you surf the internet looking for reputable websites where you can buy refurbished smartphones online, especially Android and Apple iPhones. I’m sure you’ll always stumble across Gazelle and I wouldn’t be surprised because Gazelle is a very good website for buying. This website offers some of the best discounts on refurbished phones and you can always trust them to serve you better.

If you’re looking for a website to buy quality refurbished Apple iPhones, you can always visit Gazelle to buy your refurbished Apple iPhones and they also sell refurbished Android devices like Google Phones, Samsung devices and so on. Gazelle is one of the best websites to buy refurbished Apple iPhones online.

7. Swappa

buy refurbished apple iPhones on Swappa

Swappa offers a great deal when it comes to refurbished items and not just refurbished items alone, you can always buy used products from them as well and they offer quality buyers protection when you make a purchase on their website. On Swappa you can get a refurbished Apple iPhone for as low as $300 to $500 and you’ll find them in good condition. You can buy both locked and unlocked Apple iPhones on Swappa.

On Swappa. you can buy other gadgets like Laptops, you can also buy wristwatches, video games and lots more and these products are well tested and are confirmed to work perfectly. Swappa is a very good website and it’s one of the best out there.

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8. RefurbMe

Refurbished iPhones On RefurbMe

RefurbMe is the perfect website to visit if you’re looking for refurbished Apple products, and when I say Apple products I’m talking about Apple iPhones, iPods, iPads, Macbooks and Apple Watches. On this website, you’ll find cheap refurbished Apple iPhones that are Like New, in Excellent Condition, Good and Fair conditions and these phones are in good conditions and are very affordable.

RefurbMe is a very good website for buying refurbished Apple iPhones and if you need any other Apple products which you’ll like to buy as refurbished and in a cheap and perfect condition, you can always visit the website to get any product you want.

9. Mac Of All Trades

buy refurbished apple iPhones

Mac of All Trades is a very similar website to RefurbMe but with just little differences but both websites are solely dedicated to selling refurbished Apple products and it’s a website that has been in the business for a very long time. They have a good quality score from customers and they also provide at least a 1-year warranty on refurbished phones that are being bought from them.

Mac of All Trades is a very good website where you can buy any refurbished Apple iPhones at a very good price and these phones are tested to work perfectly and they are provided with a guarantee. You can always trust Mac of All Trades to deliver any refurbished Apple iPhones you want.

10. SellBroke

Refurbished iPhones On SellBroke

No one want’s to buy a screen broken iPhone or just a broken iPhone but if your budget only matches to buy a broken Apple iPhone that is still in a good condition, you can always visit SellBroke. This website is a place where you can also sell your broken iPhones for cash and as well buy a broken iPhone with cash and their services are good.

While it may sound awful to recommend a website of such for someone who is looking for a refurbished Apple iPhone that is in a good condition, this website is actually okay and you can still get a good refurbished Apple iPhone from them and you can sell yours as well.


For buying refurbished Apple iPhones online, these websites are the best websites you’ll find out there and they’re strongly recommended because of their top-notch services are the availability of cheap refurbished Apple iPhones. I hope you find this article very helpful, don’t forget to leave a comment and also share with friends.


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